January 2012 Networth and Goal Recap

January Expenses


  • RentI bought a new IKEA bookshelf and now it is the base of my new kitchen counter.  I love it. I’ve decided to group my home improvement costs under my rent category since it’s part of my housing.
  • Groceries  – I’ve been cooking a lot and have also stocked up my pantry and freezer.  I think this is ok, since I’ve been able to stay under budget for eating out! 🙂
  • Cellphone – I went over my 100 text messages for the month of December.  I’m not sure if I need to include more text messages in my monthly plan, but will re-evaluate this based on next month or two.
  • Clothing – I went out and bought 4 new bras from Victoria Secrets and I think it’s worth it.  Last year, I bought a really good bra and I wore it to pieces.  It’s all stretched out since I wore it pretty much every day, last year.  I figured I need a few more bras for rotation.

    I also bought an awesome new-to-me winter jacket off Kijiji.  I’ve been looking for a warm and nice winter jacket for 2 years now, and I got this one at a great price.

  • Toiletries and Grooming – I still had a weakness for Revlon lipsticks.  But I have since uninstalled the Shoppers Drugmart app from my iPod so that should help!

    I also bought my holy grail night moisturizer since it was 20% off, and I also bought the Marcelle BB cream (loveit!).

  • Electronics – I bought a copy of Microsoft Office 2010.  My company has a special rate for employees.
  • Gifts – It was BF’s birthday this month and I got him a single cup coffeemaker.  BF is a huge coffee lover and my instant coffee just wasn’t cutting it for him.  He love his new toys, so it is totally worth it!

January Networth

Despite going over budget in several categories, I was still able to meet all my saving goals, and I had $550 left over.  I transferred that into my TFSA, right away.  And I am so happy with my 5% increase in my networth 🙂

January Goal Recap

  • Apply for Professional License Registrationcheck!  And they cashed my cheque.
  • Convert my TD RSP into an e-series fundcheck!  I sent in my conversion request form.  I keep waiting for it to show up in my TD account.
  • Install kitchen island – check!  Well, technically BF did it while I made dinner. 🙂

On-going Goals Recap

  • Pack my lunch everyday – check!
  • Eat more fruits – pass… I’ve been having smoothies in the morning, and packing an orange with me for lunch, but I’m not sure I did this everyday.
  • Exercise 3 times a week – fail! 
  • Get off the computer by 10pm – fail!  I did this a few times, but I really need to do better.
  • Finish a book – check!  I’ve finished 3 books so far :), including The Wealthy Barber Returns.
  • $0 Budget – check!  I tallied up both my expenses and savings and I had $550 left over which I put into my TFSA.

Whew.  That was tough.  Readers, how has your January?  



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6 responses to “January 2012 Networth and Goal Recap

  1. You’ve reminded me that I desperately need to go to Ikea to get soemthing to put my TV on. And buy hotdogs. Yum.

    Awesome on the eating out under-age!

  2. Awesome job on putting money away, I’m quite impressed!

    Your last couple of updates have been kicking my butt; I need to write the exam so I can apply for my professional designation this year as well. Your updates keep reminding me of this 😉

    What is BB cream? I’ve been seeing ads from another company about their new BB cream as well. I have no idea what it is!

    • Thanks, Cassie! I was quite impressed, myself. Need to keep it up! 🙂

      I’ve also got some study materials from friends who have written the PPE, if you need some extra study materials. Just let me know.

      BB cream stands for Beauty Balm (or Blemish Balm), and basically it’s an all-in-one moisturizer, primer, tinted moisturizer/foundation, finishing powder, etc. They are super popular in Asian countries, and are now (finally!) making their way to North America. It’s great for lazy people like me!

      Here’s the link to a review of the one I am using.

      • Thanks a lot for the offer frugirl 🙂 I plan on borrowing the material off a friend of mine who just wrote the exam, but I really appreciate the offer.

        As for the BB cream, how have I not heard about this before???? That sounds amazing! You’ll have to let us know if it’s good in the long run for acne prone skin. Usually if I buy something and it works great, a couple weeks later it comes back to bite me. If this works for you then I might give it a try this summer. I’m definitely part of the lazy crowd, most days I’m just lip balm and mascara!

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