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1000 Awesome Things: #1 Making the Bus Connection

This series is inspired by the 1000 Awesome Things website and books.  I want to be more positive in 2012 (and going forward), so I thought that I’d make my own version of documenting the awesome little (or big) things in my own life.  I hope you enjoy them!

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If you take public transportation in a rural or non-downtown location, you know what I mean. In the sub-urbs where I am from, sometimes, buses run every 30 – 40 minutes during non-peak times!  Yowzers.

So, it’s a really great feeling when you get off the subway, run up the stairs to find your bus waiting right there for you.  You get on the bus, and then with half a minute to spare, the bus driver comes on and off you go homeward bound.

Not only did you not miss the bus, you didn’t even have to waste your precious 10 minutes waiting for it.  This is public transportation at its best.



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