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Shopping Ban 2011

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I’ve been toying around with the idea of a shopping ban for the last year, and I’m ready to take the plunge.

I’ve been diligently tracking my “shopping” purchases, such as clothes and toiletries for the past year, and here is what I’ve come up with.

Spending Analysis 2010

Toiletries: $290

This includes make-up, moisturizer, cleanser and shampoo.  I just stocked up in shampoo and think I may have enough for the next year.

Clothing: $1313.73 $1102.89

I thought that I was doing pretty well with clothing this year, but I have spent on average $100 a month.  Big purchase this year include my lovely trench jacket from Rudsak ($200), my winter coat from Banana Republic  ($210), my red pleather purse from Nine West ($70), a pair of Clark’s sandals and Rudsak heels ($160).

Update: I’ve returned my winter coat from Banana Republic because it wasn’t warm enough (I took it outside for a test walk).

Electronics: $191.84

I bought a new hard drive ($128) at the beginning of the year, and also bought a nifty laptop backpack ($64).  I love my new laptop bag and use it almost every weekend when I visit my parents or visit BF.  It’s the perfect size for a smaller person like me, and it protects my laptop in a way that’s as stylish as a back pack can be!

Misc: $263

I put things here when I don’t know where to put them, such as, buying a lock for the gym.  This includes the City Entertainment Book ($30) and the Minimalist E-Books Package ($30).

Shopping Ban 2011 Rules:

Toiletries: I will allow myself to make purchases where I am replenishing a current product I am using, but nothing new  for the next year. I estimate this will cost approximately $180 consisting of:  1 MAC face primer, 2 MAC blotting powders, 3 eye liner pencils, 1 eye brow pencil, 2 liquid eye liners, 2 bottles of SpectroJel, 2 bottles of Jojoba Oil, 6 packs of cotton pads, 1 toothpaste.

Clothing: I will be making some replenishing purchases for underwear and socks in the new year at Costco.   I will allow myself to buy 2 sets of thermal underwear (for commuting to work via bus).  There are 3 freebies I will allow myself.  A nice cross body bag.  A pair of casual runners.  A pair of flat knee high charcoal leather boots.   Each item must be less than $150 before tax.   Other than that, I’ve got everything I need so there is no need to shop*.

Electronics: I’m not a huge gadget fan, so I don’t have anything I need or want.  I’ve got a bar cell phone and my contract is up in July, 2011.  My phone will probably still work fine, though I’d like to negotiate a better plan.  I’m currently paying $40 a month right now for basic talk and text services – I would love to see that bill hit $20 to $30.

Note*: I give myself a little reward when I meet my budget each month because I like prizes :).  I give myself a certain amount to spend on anything I like.  Since this is a shopping ban, I’m going to make an exception that I can spend on thrifted items, only.  I haven’t ventured into many thrift stores, and now would be a great opportunity to start!

Have you ever done a shopping ban?  For how long?  What are some tips that you’d like to share, and how did/do you stay motivated?



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