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Hong Kong Trip Expenses

I mentioned briefly that I was recently on vacation in Hong Kong.  My family and I spent 2 weeks in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is a pretty small place and to spend 2 weeks there might be a bit much, but we really enjoyed our time there.

When I travel, I really enjoy staying in one place and really get know the area and culture. Even though, seeing attractions can be fun, in moderation, I really enjoy just “pretending” to be a local when I travel – I try to eat what locals eat, travel the way locals do (i.e., public transit), and people watch.

Being the PF blogger of the family (at least, I think I am…), I tallied up my expenses and am getting ready to take that amount out of my “travel fund”.

Air fare – $1,313.83

We bought out tickets back in July when there was a 15% promotion.  I learned from a friend there was a September Seat Sale where tickets were selling for around $1,100 – $1,200 that next time, I will know to wait for.

Accommodations – $368.56

I rented an apartment through Wimdu for the duration of 13 days we stayed.  This worked out well, since hotels averaged $85 – $100 per night per room and we would need 2 rooms for my family. Our apartment was in the heart of Hong Kong and super convenient and accessible to transit, restaurants and of course, shopping.

Full review of my experience booking accommodations with Wimdu coming up!

Shopping – $1,190

This includes a tailored 3-peice suit and skirt, I got custom made at Sam’s (famous Hong Kong tailor) for $640.  I also bought a pair of glasses as it was cheaper to buy them in Hong Kong than to buy a pair in Canada and go through my medical benefits.  I also went a little crazy at Sasa – a make-up chain in Hong Kong that is seriously like Sephora on crack.

I will do a separate shopping post on the clothes and make-up I bought complete with photographs 🙂

Food – $132.22

I can understand why Hong Kong people can be such food snobs.  The food there is so cheap and so good!

Mostly, we went out to eat because our apartment did not have a full kitchen, but we did buy take-out to eat at home several times.

I finally tried stinky tofu.  It like a deep fried spongy tofu, but it doesn’t stink when you eat it.  The smell comes from the cooking process.  So, I will definitely eat stinky tofu, again, but I will not be standing in line for it.

Transportation – $106.10

Public transportation is great in Hong Kong – seriously one of the greatest transit systems in the world.  It is clean, efficient and affordable.

We bought a tourist pass when we arrived at the airport.  It provides transportation via the Airport express to and from the airport.  It also provides unlimited travel on the subway for the first 3 days and a booklet of coupons to tourist attractions.

We also took trams, buses, ferries and the occasional taxi.  I love the options of public transit 🙂  My favourite mode of transportation is riding the tram and the Star ferry – I love the views!

Attractions – $62.50

I usually see a few attractions when I travel, but I don’t have to always see all the sites.  It’s just not my favourite thing to do.

In Hong Kong, we went to see the Big Buddha, Lantau Island and Ocean Park.  I’m not a huge fan of amusement parks, but I really wanted to see the pandas!

Total Hong Kong Trip Damage – $3,173.21

Overall, I am pretty happy and relieved that I was able to keep it around $3,000.  I was really afraid that accommodations was going to be through the roof, since we were spending so long in a pretty expensive city.

In fact, if I didn’t go a bit crazy in the shopping department, I would have kept it under $3,000.

So there you have it!


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October and November 2011 Recap

Holy moly.  How did we come to December so quickly?

October and November were fairly expensive months.  In addition to putting work expenses under my credit card, and paying for travel, I also indulged in some shopping for clothes, make-up, jewelry and some “renovation” materials.

Overall, I do not regret spending the money on the extras, I will go into details of my shopping (with pictures and all my excuses in the world) in a separate post.

For now, let’s look at where my money went.

Here’s the damage.

Income (Oct & Nov): $7,751.10

Spending (Oct & Nov): $2,509.97 *

*Please note that I presented things a little funny – I have not included travel costs in my budgets; however, I have taken the money out of my net worth since it was money spent.  I have yet to tally up my travel expense, but I hope to get it done soon.

Both October and November were normal 2 pay cheque months.

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went in October:

And in November:

On or under budget

November.  Overall, I was very happy with my (lack of) spending.  Of course, I was also away for 2 weeks, so almost half my expenses for that month was on rent :).  I can only do so much damage in 2 weeks.

Over budget

Clearly, I went a little wild in October 😛

Toiletries/Grooming: I just downloaded this Shoppers Drugmart app for my iPod Touch and it is so awesome.  I snagged 5 Revlon lippies for $3.99 each when regular price is $10.49 each.  I practically stole them from the store, right? I mean, it’s almost like saving, right?!

Clothing: Since I already broke my shopping ban, I then proceeded to do a full on closet clean out What-Not-Wear style with the lovely Fabulously Broke.  Will do a full post on this, but my closet looked very sad after our clean out. 😦  And so, we went shopping for things that would actually work for me. There was also an Amrita Singh sale… Yep, that’s all the excuses I got.

Groceries: When BF comes over, we usually go out and buy groceries and cook together.  Even this saves us money from dining out, it is usually more than I would spend on groceries for myself, alone.

Medical: I got a cold while traveling for work, so I had to stock up on some medication.  Cold medicine is expensive!!

Misc: I needed to take my passport photograph and renew my passport.  On the bright side, my passport picture looks awesome (how often do you hear that, right?) and I am satisfied with it for the next 5 years!

Rent/Mortgage: I wasn’t sure where to put my costs for “Phase II” renovations.  I think it makes the most sense to put it under rent since it is for housing, and I don’t usually have reno/housing items.  I bought a closet organizer, a book shelf divider, a bathroom sink shelf and many hangers and storage containers.  My closet looks so much better now.

Wow, are we done, yet? 😉

Here is my net worth update for Oct and Nov:

So, basically, almost no change to my net worth since September.  Which is really a bit depressing. Even though I did spend a bunch of money traveling 😦


Overall, I guess I am ok.  I would be happier if my networth increased, of course.  I think this is the first month that it has decreased…:(

My only consolation is that December is going to be a good month for income.  It’s a 3 pay cheque month and I get a modest work bonus.  *Fingers crossed*

How was your spending in November? Did you meet your budget goals?



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September 2011 Recap

Since August was an expensive month (or so I thought), I tried to keep September quasi low. And my budget was shot to hell. Let’s just day that I got a curve ball and I gave into temptations. Oh, and the markets haven’t helped either.

Here’s the damage.

Income: $3,917.29

Spending: $2,348.92

Just a normal 2 pay cheque month. I am also including some money BF owes me. I’m desperate!

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went in September:

On or under budget

Cell Phone: New plan kicked in. Saving me $10 a month 🙂

Medical: No massage this month. But I did see my dermatologist.

Groceries: Lots of fresh veggies!

Eating Out: Not sure if this was cheating since I increased my budget to $200. I anticipated lots of getting together with girl friends and family.

Over budget

Clearly, I did not anticipate all this spending! 😛

Toiletries/Grooming: I stocked up on moisturizer from Pure and Simple during their Midnight Madness Sale. Then, I got some other stuff that my dermatologist recommended. Ugh…. Yes, I got carried away.

Entertainment and Recreation: I wasn’t sure how much volleyball was working out to be, or camping. I paid for 2 leagues and spent about $50 altogether for camping.

Transportation: Gas is still expensive. I do get reimbursed for mileage, but I include that in my “income”, so it’s easier that way. I still buy tokens, and gave some to my sister when she came to visit. Oh, and I got some major work done on my money pit car.

Clothing: Yes, I broke my shopping ban! Pictures to come (you want to see them right?)

Gifts: Forgot about mid-autumn moon festival. I got mooncakes for my aunt, my parents and my land lord/land lady.

Here is my net worth update:

Somehow, I managed to eek out with a 1% gain, again! I am happy with that – considering everything (both of my own fault and the markets).

Still need to re-balance my portfolio, do some research and buy some stocks :).. maybe.


Overall, I am not too happy with this month’s outcome. I did go a little crazy on my spending of toiletries and make-up. It mostly had to do with my acne, and I know I shouldn’t use that excuse for everything, but I have been trying different lotions and make-up to hide it while it heals. Vanity, I know.

October should be better. No more toiletries!! 🙂

How was your spending in September? Did you meet your budget goals?



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August 2011 Recap

I knew that August was going to be an expensive month with a rafting trip, food and booze farewell parties, and spending too much time with friends on a patio.

Income: $3,766.17

Spending: $1,532.16

Just a normal 2 pay cheque month.  I also included the $100 I got from ING for opening up a Thrive checking account!  Love free money – take that, TD Bank!

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went in August:

On or under budget

Clothes: Shopping ban – check!

Cell Phone: New plan kicked in.  Saving me $10 a month 🙂

Gifts: For birthdays and goodbye gifts & cards.

Medical: No massage this month.  But I did see my dermatologist.  So that should be $18.  Oops.  I’ll add it now but not fixing the picture.

Over budget

Clearly, I did not anticipate all this spending! 😛

Eating Out: Socializing is expensive.  I also took out my family for dinner.  And I’ve been going for drinks and food after volleyball. Grrr…

Toiletries/Grooming: My acne flared up A LOT.  I panicked and went out to buy some new products.  I also got a foundation – I don’t count this as a cheat on my shopping ban.  But, whatever.  I didn’t have a good foundation for covering up my acne.  I also stocked up on blotting powder and dry shampoo. *tear*

Entertainment and Recreation: This includes only the car rental and gas for rafting trip.  I also bought food and booze for a party and attended a friend’s  party.

Transportation: Gas is expensive.  I bought more tokens.  I also signed up for Zipcar with a Groupon.  $29 for 1-year membership and $30 driving credit!

Groceries: No biggie.  There is some good wine and cheese in there. 🙂

Here is my net worth update:

I managed to eek out with a 1% gain and I am happy with that – considering the market and the drop in my portfolio.  Ouch.  Everything went down and the only reason my RRSP is positive is because of  automatic payments.

I’ve also got a lot of cash on hand.  I’ve finally topped up my Emergency Fund to $10,000 (yay, me!).  My “General Savings” includes my travel fund, as well.  Ideally, I would like $10,000 in Emergency Fund (done), $15,000 cash savings, and $4,000 in travel fund.

Time to re-balance my portfolio, do some research and buy some stocks 🙂


Overall, I am happy with this month’s outcome.  Nothing I can do about the markets, c’est la vie  🙂

How was your spending in August?  Did you meet your budget goals?



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East Coast Canada Vacation Budget Recap

If you want to skip the number crunching and just look at some pretty pictures, check out my sneak peak post here.  For the numbers, read on.

PF Confession: I admit that I don’t usually budget for vacations.

I mean, I kinda know how much they cost, but I haven’t really sat down to crunch the numbers with BF before a vacation.  This time, I did a back-of-napkin rough calculation for our 10 day trip, and I was a little appalled at how even a domestic trip can be so expensive.

Luckily, BF and I came under budget but there is definitely room for improvement. Let’s take a look at the numbers. These numbers are my part of the trip only.

Actual Vacation Expense $1,704.34


The Airlines were having a 30% off sale at the time we were traveling.  Unfortunately, we missed the 40% off sale by one day.  Drats!  Train tickets were also on sale when we booked them for 50% off.  Score!

Taking the train was really nice and a highlight of our trip.  BF and I got to do some reading while enjoying the scenery, and we also had a nice lunch on the dining car.  It felt very fancy and historical – like we stepped back to the 1920’s.  Definitely recommend this.


We stayed 10 nights.  Two nights were “free” since BF paid with reward points.  One night, we stayed in a university dorm room.  The rest were a combination of B&B and Inns which ranged between $110 to $120 a night.

I tried to use my Entertainment book to get some savings, but I don’t think there was too much out east that had deals.  I’m thinking if we had booked our hotels ahead of time, we may have been able to score some deals.  However, since we only stayed a couple nights in each place, it’s hard to say.


BF and I ate out a lot. A. Lot.  It’s something that we both enjoy doing and we really take advantage of it during vacations.

We had too much a lot of great seafood for lunch and dinner (at times).  We also started our obsession with lobster in the most expensive city of Halifax (~$40 for 1.5lb) and ended our journey in the cheapest town of Alma (~$7/lb).

However, it is difficult to cook in B&B’s and certain hotels.  Next time, we may try to stay in a place with a kitchenette and stay longer.  That way we can cook more of our meals.  We definitely could have saved some cash by planning and making  our lunches.


I had budgeted for a fair amount of bicycle rental and attractions, but we actually ended up doing very little of either.  Most days were pretty gloomy, wet and cold, so we ended up walking or driving.

This included our tickets for the Alexander Keith Brewery tour and admission to Bay of Fundy’s Hopewell Rocks.   Luckily for us, we visited Green Gables and the beach on “Park Day”, and didn’t have to pay for any admission tickets (~$35).

Car Rental & Gas

Car rental was pretty expensive.  Since BF and I were renting the car from the airport location, we paid a premium (+16%).  Since we were not returning the car to the airport, we paid another $50 for drop-off fee. Ouch.

Looking back, we didn’t really need our car for the 2 days we spent in Halifax.  Most attractions around the city are within walking distance of our hotel, so we could have saved almost 2 days worth of rental and the stupid airport fees (~$170) – ouch.

Oh well, live and learn, right?


I bought Anne dolls for my sisters, a bottle of wild blue berry juice for my parents and a post card for myself.


I was able to spend less than I originally anticipated – which is great, but we spent more than what BF had in mind.

BF and I agreed that there were things we could have done to save money and would not have affected the enjoyment of our trip too much.  We could have done a bit more planning for accommodations and meals, and of course, our car rental.

It was a vacation, after all, so I am trying not to beat myself up over it.  I am glad we had a little recap so that we can better plan our next vacation in a way that is both enjoyable for us and our wallets.

How much do you plan and budget for vacations?  What are some tips or suggestions you have for me and BF?



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June & July 2011 Recap

I’ve been slacking on posting my monthly recaps and missed out on June’s monthly recap, and decided to do another combined my recap for both June and July.

I knew that July was going to be an expensive month with a pending vacation with BF, so my goal was to lay low in June.  Let’s see how I did.

Income: $9,050.00

Spending: $5,374.12

July was a 3 pay check month which helped to pay off my big ticket spending items.  I will post a separate budget for my vacation spending.

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went in June:

Here’s where the money went in July:

On or under budget

Clothes: I dry cleaned my winter jackets and haven’t spent any money on my shopping ban.  I did have a few slips on my shopping ban I need to confess.  Another post for that.

Groceries: Most of July was on vacation and I try to not buy groceries the week before vacation and eat out of my pantry.

Travel: I budgeted $2,000 for my vacation with BF and $1,500 for plane tickets for a trip with my family later this year.  Travel costs will be a separate post.

Over budget

I think I’ve been more realistic in budgeting as there is generally less red.

Eating Out: Argh.  This is such a weakness for me, as I spent $300 in June.  Socializing is expensive.  I tried to make up for this by pushing back my hair cut, no facial and no massage, this month.

Toiletries/Grooming: I got sunscreen from Pure and Simple, some hair ties, dry shampoo and conditioner.

Entertainment and Recreation: I paid for my volleyball league fee’s, paid for a rafting trip in August and went to a friend’s cottage.

Transportation: Gas is expensive.  That is all.

Here is my net worth:

I am happy that my networth went up, but again, a little sad that it went up only 3% over 2 months.  It’s the traveling .  But I have been saving for the travel in my ING Travel fund, so I had the cash.


Overall, I am okay with this month’s outcome.  I would have liked to see a bigger increase in my net worth, but c’est la vie  🙂

Also, the Canadian dollar is stronger and the value of my US stocks in my TFSA aren’t as high.

How was your spending in June and July?  Did you meet your budget goals?



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April & May 2011 Recap

I missed out on April’s monthly recap, and decided to combine my recap for both May and April.

As I discussed in my April Luxury post, it was an expensive month.  I was going to try and lay low for May… that sort of happened.  Here’s how things went down.

Income: $8,727.21 

Spending: $6,190.32

My income for April was $3,440 and $5,279.21 for May (yay, for tax refund!).   The bad news was that I spent more than I earned in April.  The good news is that I saved almost 75% of my income in May to make up for it 😉

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went in April:

Here’s where the money went in May:

On or under budget

Clothes: Success!  Although, I did spend money, I bought it from my $25 of “reward money” for thrift shopping.  I did go over budget by $3, but no biggie.

Thrift shopping was so much fun, I’ll write another post on that.  Basically, I spend hours trying on stuff and browsing with my sister, only to walk out with an armload of stuff for under $30!  I highly recommend anyone to try it out.

Groceries: I did amazing these months!  Mostly because I’ve been going home and my parents send me back with lots of left overs. 🙂

Over budget

What can I say, I think I went over budget in almost all categories. le sigh.

I must be more realistic when I come up with these budgets, because it’s a little dampening on my spirits when I come in over budget.

Eating Out: This is such a weakness for me, and I spent time (and money) catching up with friends and eating out. The summer patio’s just call out to me!  Time to break out that Entertainment Book more.

Electronics: BF got me an iPod Touch for my birthday and so I had to get it clothes! 😉  And I also bought a used Netbook ;).  My netbook is now my computer at BF’s or when I go home.  It’s 100 times better than lugging my laptop around, and I get to read and comment on my favourite blogs! 🙂

Gifts: My sisters and I cooked some extravagant meals for mother’s day and my mom’s birthday.

Medical: I wasn’t sure if I should count my facials as medical.  It was to deal with my blemishes and skin problems, not sure if it should fall under toiletries or entertainment. Meh.  I got 5-pack Clear Complexion facials to help treat my skin.  So far, I am very satisfied with them, and my skin looks amazing!

Toiletries/Grooming: I re-filled my blotting powder, and got some products to help hydrate my skin from Pure and Simple.

Entertainment and Recreation: I paid for my volleyball league fee’s, took BF out for a movie and went to a launch party with friends.

Transportation: I paid for car insurance for the year.  Good thing my tax refund also came in at the same time.  This was painful watching $3,000 just “disappear”.  I admit that I am still bummed about my networth taking a hit. 😦  Also the price of gas is getting ridiculous.

Here is my net worth:

I am happy that my networth went up, but again, a little sad that it went up only 3% over 2 months.  It’s the car insurance… (Don’t worry, I will eventually get over it, but not yet).


Overall, I am okay with this month’s outcome.  I gave into some of my impulse buying (i.e., a netbook), but it was a great deal and it has made my life better.  🙂

I will work harder to make my June budget as realistic as possible.  BF and I are planning to take a trip in July, so I’m really excited about putting together a budget for that.  My rough calculations should be about $2,500 each but I will post a detailed article about that as soon as I finalize some more prices.

How was your spending in April and March?  Did you meet your budget goals?



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PF Confession: Thoughts on “No Spend Days”

I first heard of “No Spend Days” from reading various pf bloggers’ spending recaps.  The idea never occurred to me before, as I think I spend on an as-needed basis, and I analyze my monthly overall spending, anyway.  But I was curious, and decided to actually track how many days I didn’t spend money.

In March, I had a whopping 4 days of no spending.  And this April, I started to be even more mindful.  In April, I had 9 days of no spending.  Here are some of my thoughts about tracking my no spend days.

No spend day “high”

For some reason, now that I started tracking, having a day without any spending gives me a little “high”.  It makes me think twice about buying little things that could “ruin” my no spend day streak.  Silly?  Probably.

This one is probably sillier, but I get a little upset when I end up spending money on a day that I thought would be a “No spend day”.  For instance, last week when I didn’t make enough left overs, I grouchily forked over $4 for a Timmies sandwich for lunch.  (I get upset when I have to buy lunch anytime it’s not a social thing, but this felt like a double whammy.)

Spending promotes more spending

I’m not sure if I did this before my “No spend days” tracking, but whenever I spend money, I feel it’s almost okay to spend more.

For instance, last Wednesday, I picked up some coffee beans as a gift to our admin assistant for Administration day.  At the check out, I grabbed a spinach boreka for breakfast.  Sure, the boreka was only $1.50, but if I hadn’t gone in to buy the coffee beans, I would not have gone in just for the boreka.

The Big Picture is More Important

Sure, it’s kinda fun for me to play the “game” and challenging myself to see how many “No spend days” I can get in a month, but at the end of the day, it’s the big picture that matters for me.

I can spend $120 a day on a facial, and $0.80 the next day on some pastries – they both count as spending days.  But there is a world of difference.  Getting that sense of “high’ from a no spend day does not automatically mean less spending.  In fact, it can almost give me a false sense of accomplishment.  No spend days on their own is not enough, they must be combined with regularly checking and updating my budget.

Note: I’ve just updated my April spending and even though I have more “No spend days”, I have not decreased my overall spending…. le sigh.  

What are your thoughts on “No Spend Days”?  Do you track your days of no spending, or is it about the big picture for you, too?



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April Budget and Goal Recap

I’m going to try posting my budget and set new goals at the beginning of every month and see how I do at the end of the month.


This month won’t be under $1,000 and it won’t be a frugal month.  Though, it will be fabulous 😉  I’ve got volleyball fee’s, possibly a weekend trip with BF, a new hair cut and my first (in 3 years) facial .  Did I also mention it’s also my birthday this month? So, I get to indulge a little.

March Goals Recap

  • Send in my taxes (I’m done my taxes, just waiting for my forms to come in) – Check! (Return $1,676:D)
  • Complete my reference forms for professional designation. – Fail
  • Incorporate more legumes in my diet. – Check! (Made lentils)
  • Cook quinoa. – Check!
  • Exercise 2 times a week in addition to volleyball. – Fail (I have been walking a lot more, though…)

I kept thinking that I failed majorly in my goals, since I hadn’t written my reference letter for my professional designation.  I’m glad I actually checked what my goals were, because I was able to check some off and that felt really good.  Note to self – must focus on the whole picture, not just my failures 🙂

I’m so glad that April is FINALLY here.  (I know I said the same thing last month about March).  It’s just that in April, I finally allow myself to be hopeful that winter is finally gone.  No more taunting us with a warm day, then a snow storm the next.  (I’m looking at you, March!)

Even though I said that I was looking forward to biking to work, the lack of a car has really taken a toll on me.  It’s tough getting to and from volleyball (I always have to plan in advance), and getting to visit my parents is brutal (2hours each way vs 40 minute drive).

April Goals

  • Eat fruits daily
  • Complete my reference forms for professional designation
  • Start studying for GMAT
  • Write a letter to HR to promote car sharing

How is your budget and goal(s) looking for April?  And are you looking forward to spring as much as me?



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March 2011 Recap

This year, I embarked on a Shopping Ban and allowed myself 3 exceptions.  To read more about my shopping ban, please refer to this post, and this post.  I will write a separate post on my first month of shopping ban, but for now, let’s move on to my spending re-cap.

Income: $3,334.00

Spending: $1,387.83

This month was over my $1,000 budget, and over my March budget!  The only reason it looks like I am just over, is because BF and I didn’t actually go on our weekend away ($300), so it’s actually worse than it looks. Definitely, no reward for thrift shopping 😦

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went:

On or under budget

Clothes: Success!  Although, I did buy a pot and some storage/organizing boxes (see Misc) below.  I am not doing a “No Spending” challenge, but I need to be careful that I don’t start substituting clothes with pots and pans!

Over budget

Eating Out: This is such a weakness for me, but and as I alluded to in my spending recap, this month, I have been spending a lot of time meeting up with friends, and family over yummy food.  I’m debating if I should increase my budget to $175 – $200, since that is more reasonable for me.

Electronics: Magic Bullet was a little more than I thought. No biggie.

Gifts: I decided to go out and buy a nice gift for my co-worker going on maternity leave.  She is super nice, and I just wanted to show her I appreciated her kind gestures.

Groceries: I did some stocking up this month on sauces and other non perishables.

Medical: I went for 2 massages this month, and I went to see my dermatologist and refilled my prescriptions.

Misc: I bought a dutch over and some clear shoe boxes for organizing my cupboards and closets.  I also renewed my allegiance to the office lottery pool.

Toiletries/Grooming: I re-filled my blotting powder, moisturizer and got myself a dry shampoo to try out.  Will do a review when I get a chance!

Entertainment and Recreation: I paid for my volleyball league fee’s (again).

Transportation: I spent a little extra getting to Hamilton for a weekend trip. About $25, so that would account for the discrepancy.  Must account for these things in my budget, next time!

Here is my net worth:

Spending Recap in Google Calender

When I first posted my spending recap, Investing Newbie commented

I can confidently say that there are no days that I don’t spend. I don’t know. I feel like in NYC, if you breathe, you spend about 10 bux. Maybe if I invested a bit of energy, I could actually not spend anything…

And after seeing my spending tracked on my calender, I agree completely.  There were only 5 days that I didn’t spend any money.  Usually those days, I’d go to work and come home.  Although there were days where I spent $0.80 and still counted that as a “spending day.”

Even though, I think I like looking at the bigger picture, but all these little spending add up!


Overall, I am okay with this month’s outcome.  I went over budget, and over spent in almost every category (which is a little depressing), but I was able to stick to my shopping ban and I increased my net worth by 2%!

Note to self: budget better!

Will post a April budget and a goal recap, soon.

How was your spending in March?  Did you meet your budget and goals?



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