My Facial Evening…

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I’ve been pretty quiet lately but my off-line life has been pretty interesting.  I just moved into my new apartment this weekend, and I really like it (aside from no air conditioning…).   I haven’t had much time to unwind or the quiet time, so this evening , I thought that I’d have some kimchi raman noodles with veggies and a facial.

One of my favourite ways to unwind is give myself an at-home facial.  I’ve picked up some tips from my previous facials, and I try to mimic at home what works best. I’ve been using a lot of products from Pure and Simple for the last year and I love them.   This might not work for everyone, but I’ve had really great results.

Cleanse with Oil Cleansing Method

I use a mixture of 25% jojoba oil with 75% castor oil (~$20) and massage the oil onto my dry face with clean, dry hands.   I leave the oil on my face for about 10 – 15 minutes and then, I add a little more oil mixture to my fingers and massage further.  The oil mixture not only removes all my make-up, but it also helps remove my blackheads.  I can feel little blackheads pop out (with no squeezing!).  Then, I run a towel under hot water and place it on my face (kind of like a steamer) and wipe away the oil mixture.

Physical Exfoliant

Sometimes, I use a physical exfoliant and others, I use a chemical exfoliant.  I really like the LeNeige strawberry yogurt exfoliant mask, but that has been discontinued and replaced with something not so great.  Now, I use the Pure + Simple Sensitive Skin Exfoliant and Face Mask ($21.95).

I dab my cheeks and my forehead, wet my fingers and then work the exfoliant all over my face and neck.  I really like this physical exfoliant, as I find the particles are not too harsh on my skin, but exfoliate well.

Chemical Exfoliant

When I have a bit more time, I usually prefer the chemical exfoliant over the physical one – but it’s a lot messier.  My face always looks so radiant after this lactic acid mask made of equal parts sour cream and honey.  You can also use yogurt, but I find it too runny for my liking.  I like to use a blank paper mask to keep the stuff on my face – I’m not sure where to find them in Canada, but I bought a bunch when I was in Hong Kong.

Clay Mask

I really like the Pure + Simple Purifying French Clay Mask ($19.95) to help with keeping my skin clear and help control the oil on my face.  (I have very oily skin).  I spread the clay mask around my eye area and all ove rmy face.  Since the clay mask is more drying, I like to balance it out by layering with a…

Cucumber Mask

I like to use the Pure + Simple Calming Cucumber Mask ($22.95) over the clay mask and in the more delicate area around my eye.   I also like to use this mask on its own when my skin is feeling dry (but that doesn’t happen very often).  One jar usually lasts me at least 6 months.

Nightly Regime

After I wash off my mask, I follow with my nightly regime.

I apply my Pure + Simple Algea Serum all over my face and neck, then I apply Differin Gel all over my face and neck, and then follow with the Black Mud Lotion.

Right before bed, I apply Vaseline  to my lashes and eyelids, and a thin layer across my lips.  I know you’re probably thinking – Petroleum Jelly?!  But, I find my skin is always plump the next morning, with no break outs.

Do you like facials?  What are you favourite products or mixtures to use at home?



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10 responses to “My Facial Evening…

  1. Favorited this.. I need to get some castor oil lol I would sure like the blackheads to pop out of my face.

    My skin is pissed this week for something. I NEVER get zits and right now I have like 5. I have no idea what happened =(

    • I think it’s probably from the weird weather we’ve been having, my skin went nuts on me last week too. It had been smooth sailing, and then BAM 4 zits and rough skin texture 😦

  2. I was thinking the same thing as @Bridget re: castor oil. It sounds somewhat counter productive to use oil to remove acne but I will try it!

  3. mochiandmacarons

    Wow that’s a lot. I always feel like when I do too much, my skin screams: STOPPPPPPP!! .. and then pimples blitz around my face.

    By the way, NEVER use rosehip oil on your face. I tried it based on internet recommendations for scars, and it made me break out like CRAZY.

    Vaseline, I agree with. Exfoliating — I LOVE my Mia Clarisonic.

  4. I don’t give myself facials enough. At most, I’d shower and use some Biore strips. ^___^;

    I should though. Mochimac gave me the Algae Serum… But I never use it. O_O;

  5. Kay

    I used to do it very religiously and had a smooth face with great complexion.

    Been slacking off in the recent years though.. time to get back. I had a facial at pure&simple after you and FB spoke about it and loved the facial.. it’s just too expensive though.. I do like their other products – the sunscreen especially..

    I used to do the OCM meathod with olive oil/castor oil.. time to get back to it.. it was like a mini facial everyday and my skin never looked better.. OCM really works!

    Other DIY skin toner/cleanser/brightener that I like is to mix honey with lemon juice and massage it on my face.. and wipe it off with luke warm water.

    While I do currently use all natural products like papaya scrubs / walnut scrubs etc once in 2-3 days, I haven’t given myself a proper facial… time to remedy that. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. belowhermeans

    This sounds divine. I use a clay mask once a week. Daily I use Clean and Clear Morning Burst and Sea Breeze.

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