Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

The Best Part of a Trip…

… is coming home.

Even though I had a wonderful time traveling through Italy with my sisters and BF, I was a little homesick, and missed home.

I missed my apartment, my bed, my washroom, my kitchen, my food, my city, my laptop, and yes, I missed my stuff.  (Very un-minimalistic, I know ;))

Seeing new places and experiencing a different culture is nice, but it also reminded me, (1) how wonderful it is to share the experience with the people who are important in my life, and (2) how great my life is at home.

I have a gazillion pictures to sort through, so those will be coming up in the next few weeks, as I adjust back to normal life, and I will also be doing a travel expense recap, as well.  I’ve missed you guys and can’t wait to get back into blogging.

Talk soon!


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