Checking in… this and that

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well!

I’ve missed blogging, but I think it was a much needed break. Prior to taking my break, I felt that my online life wasn’t balanced with my offline life.  Blogging and connecting with people is so much but I think that I had trouble balancing.  Since this blog is a hobby, I want to keep enjoying it, and I think I will get my posting to once or twice a week, so I can enjoy my offline life, as well.

In the last few weeks, I’ve been able to focus on studying for and writing my professional licensing exam.  Whew, am I glad that’s over with.  It was so hard getting into the groove of studying, again!  I’ve been studying for the professional engineer’s law and ethics exam, and it’s not terribly difficult exam, and I got a lot of helpful notes from my colleagues.  The funniest thing that came from this, was that my friend witnessed someone cheating on the exam!  It’s a law and ethics exam for goodness sakes!

I’ve also started job searching as I’ve been at my first job since graduation and I’ve been feeling kinda “blah” about it for a while now.  I’ve been slowly trying to see if I could make adjustments that would make me want to stay, but it hasn’t been working, and I think I need to look elsewhere.  Not really enjoying my job has also been affecting my life outside of work, and I really need to kick my job searching up a notch.  Any helpful tips you have would be much appreciated.  I went for my first interview in years last week, and I am keeping my fingers crossed!

I’m planning to celebrate with BF, my sister and my close girl friends this weekend, and I am really excited.  On the agenda – dinner at my favourite wine and cheese bar, and karaoke-ing!  I haven’t karaoke’d in soooo long, and I am so glad that my friends have obliged.  We are doing the “Asian style” karaoke where we have private rooms – it would take a lot of liquid courage for me to sing in front of a crowd.

I’ve finally got around to cleaning my room and apartment.  Having a clean place is so much nicer than having a cluttered space.  It just makes me feel so calm :).  I also attacked my mountain of laundry.  BF and I were getting tired of picking out our clean clothes from the pile on my couch.

I took BF out for a very special dinner, since have accumulated quite a number of celebrations since January: BF’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, BF getting into business school.  We went to this little restaurant and had a wonderful dinner.  I had a delicious duck and BF had the tenderloin. I think I impressed BF 😉

And my taxes have been submitted, as of two weeks ago, and I am eagerly awaiting to get my grubby hands on my refund.  I know, I know, I am giving the government an interest free loan.  In my defense, most of my RRSP contribution is not taxes, and I have been saving my charitable donation receipts for the last 4 years.

Even though I won an H&R tax software from the lovely Young and Thrifty (thanks again!), I just can’t wrap my head around filing electronically!  This is my second attempt to complete my taxes electronically.  Every time, I complete my taxes electronically, I owe money.  This makes no sense, whatsoever.  When I took a closer look at the H&R forms, I think that the provincial forms weren’t part of the package (or I didn’t know where to find them), and that threw things off.  It only takes me about an hour to do my taxes by hand, they are very straight forward, so I think I’m just going to continue with that.  Unfortunately, it takes forever to get a refund.  I guess that makes it more the reason to pay less taxes throughout the year so I won’t need a refund, right?

That’s about all that’s going on in my life right now!

What have you been up to lately?  Are your taxes handed in?  And do you prefer to do taxes by hand or electronically?

I’ve been trying to follow everyone on Google Readers, but have fallen desperately behind.  So many new blogs!  And have you checked out Modest Money’s list of Canadian PF Bloggers?  I’m on the list, and I’ve got 9 votes (including my own vote!).  So, if you like my blog, I urge you to check Modest Money’s blog and vote for your favourite Canadian PF blogger 🙂



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6 responses to “Checking in… this and that

  1. I filed our (mine and exes) taxes early March. Ours are fairly straight forward. I use the online program for quick tax all the time and have for years. Our refunds have always been in our accounts within 7 days. I like the convenience of coming back to it and having it saved already. Filing by paper is the way I did it before online tax software. I feel that I have a good idea of what our deductions, etc should be.

  2. Welcome back!

    I literally JUST blogged about reclaiming your work mojo if you’re in a rut. But sounds like it might be time for you to move on – sometimes you just know it’s time.

  3. thisaggiesaves

    Good luck on your job search!

  4. mochiandmacarons

    1. H&R tax software I haven’t tried, but UFile has always been consistently AWESOME. Got me lots of refunds many times before I was ineligible.

    2. That dinner sounds yummy.

    3. You know what my advice is on your job situation already 🙂

    4. Sometimes you need a blogging hiatus to appreciate it.

    5. Don’t sweat not following or reading blogs. It’s not your job… or your life.

  5. Congrats on getting the licensing exam done! And I’ve just finished blogging about my interviewing experience if you want to take a look. It might not be helpful to you in this case but if it is, there ya go 🙂 I wanted to get another related post up on the Carnival site this week too, still working on it. But that one is looking at it from another angle.

  6. Kay

    I used Turbo tax – Canadian version and it’s very easy. Literally! I love using it. We used U-file before that, but last year I won Turbo tax in a blog giveaway and we tried it and we are hooked. This time, we bought it to use it.

    Congrats on getting your license done. Congrats on making it to the Canadian blogger list. I’m happy for you.

    I think I watched one of those princess shows once – for a few minutes and couldn’t stand.

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