March 2012 Budget and Goals

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March Budget

I am hoping that my goals and budget are more realistic for March.  I find that I often try to set too many goals, and then I can get a bit bummed out when I don’t reach them all.

So, this month, I am going to prioritize my 3 most important goals.

March Goals

  • Study for Professional licensing exam – Make a study schedule and stick to it.  I don’t want to write this exam twice!
  • Pitch for screening “Miss-Representation” documentary – Includes writing a business case/proposal letter to get support to get out this important message.
  • Finalize Resume – Incorperate suggestions from peer review and create a LinkedIn profile

On-going Goals

  • Bring my lunch (and include fruits!) to work – Not only does this save me money, it is also much healthier.
  • Offline by 9:30pm – 10:oopm – I need to spend time away from the computer and read/unwind/chill-out before I go to sleep.
  • Read 1 book a month – Finish reading Jean Chretien’s “My Years as Prime Minister”.

Readers, what do you have planned for March?




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15 responses to “March 2012 Budget and Goals

  1. Great goals for the month! I usually aim too high as well the feel overwhelmed all! I posted my goals on my blog the other day if you’re interested, a decluttering, personal, & financial goal. With any luck this month will be better than the last!!

  2. Mine is to get started and start WORKING. This is painful.

    In the meantime, I need to pack.

  3. Our goals are SO similar! I’m back in studying mode again and I have to start a study schedule… basically this means every waking free moment of time I’m not at work, I must be studying haha. This is my 2nd time taking the LSAT so I have to do extra well, or else I can only take it 1 more time this year. Then wait 2 years. Sigh. Good luck on your goals!

  4. Good luck studying! I found that creating a study schedule works really great for me to make me study to mcat and stay on task. A lot of different colored pens help too!

  5. Bethany

    Prioritizing the big goals sounds smart. Sometimes, I get caught up in completing “the list” instead of focusing on the small, bite-sized stuff for the day. Good luck on LSAT! I’m on the hourly job hunt and celebrating my birthday with a trip to see graduating friends this month. 😀 Happy.

  6. Happy studying! My goals his month are to get my rail trunk prepped for staining and update my rss subscriptions and blogroll.

  7. Good luck with your goals! Sounds like they are definitely do-able for March. I have a whole bunch of financial goals I wrote about including saving my tax refund (whenever I finally get it), returning some old stuff and trying to see if I can refinance my house.

  8. New to the site, just started crawling around — Boy you have very reasonable rent!

    Good luck on goals

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