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March 2012 Budget and Goals

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March Budget

I am hoping that my goals and budget are more realistic for March.  I find that I often try to set too many goals, and then I can get a bit bummed out when I don’t reach them all.

So, this month, I am going to prioritize my 3 most important goals.

March Goals

  • Study for Professional licensing exam – Make a study schedule and stick to it.  I don’t want to write this exam twice!
  • Pitch for screening “Miss-Representation” documentary – Includes writing a business case/proposal letter to get support to get out this important message.
  • Finalize Resume – Incorperate suggestions from peer review and create a LinkedIn profile

On-going Goals

  • Bring my lunch (and include fruits!) to work – Not only does this save me money, it is also much healthier.
  • Offline by 9:30pm – 10:oopm – I need to spend time away from the computer and read/unwind/chill-out before I go to sleep.
  • Read 1 book a month – Finish reading Jean Chretien’s “My Years as Prime Minister”.

Readers, what do you have planned for March?



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