February 2012 Networth and Goal Recap

February Expenses

Over budget – Epic FAIL

  • Groceries  – I’ve been cooking a lot and have even had a few friends over, instead of going out to eat.
  • Clothing – I bought a pair of winter boots, 2 pairs of shoes during the MySpringShoes sale, and also a pair of skinny jeans – that (finally!) fit!
  • Entertainment – I bought an extra pair of movie tickets from my sister at a discount for use in March/April
  • Transportation – I forgot to budget in for an oil change and buying washer fluid ~$60.
  • Toiletres/Grooming – This was a bad month.  I got a haircut, serum and succumbed to the Revlon sale at Rexall and Shoppers Drugmart.
  • Gifts – BF and I split gifts for weddings 25/75.  But we decided this the day of, and so it wasn’t in my original budget.  I also got a few baby books for my friend who is expecting!  (You guys should really check the Baby Owner Manual).
  • Travel – Plane tickets for a spontaneous trip to Boston with BF in March.
  • Career – Forgot about the sitting fee for my professional licensing exam.

I think my only saving grace (can I still say that when I am >$700 over budget?) is that I stayed within my eating out budget! 🙂

February Net Worth

Because this month’s budget had been shot to hell, and I also gifted my parents with bus tickets to NYC, I will only be able to contribute $305 – instead of $750 – towards my TFSA.

I hope that I budget better for March!

February Goal Recap

  • Update my resume – check!  I’ve completed the first draft and am asking my friends to look over it. 
  • Prepare to file my income taxescheck! I’ve completed a first draft (by hand) of my income taxes this year.  I’m expecting a refund of ~$1,600.
  • Re-balance my Portfolio – pass. I’ve figured out my current asset allocation, but I want to move my RRSP money out of my current ING and my Manulife account to save on fees.  I am working on the allocation of those funds to my e-series funds.
  • Make my shopping list pass.  I made a list, but I haven’t published it, yet.  It’s long.
  • No buying make-up EPIC FAIL!!  I was really good up until the last week.  Rexall’s sale on Revlon products just got me really good.  The good news is, that I have enough lip glosses and lip butters to last me until next year.
  • Walk for 30 minutes, 3 days a week – fail! I started doing this with a co-worker during our lunch.  But when the weather got cold, or work got busy, I flaked out.
  • Get my credit report check!  I got my free Equifax credit report and I paid $9.95 for my credit score.  Score is coming up! 🙂

On-going Goals Recap

  • Pack my lunch everyday – check!
  • Eat more fruitspass… I’ve been having smoothies in the morning, and packing an orange with me for lunch, until this week.
  • Exercise 3 times a week – fail! 
  • Get off the computer by 10pm – fail!  I got off the computer by 10pm, but then, I’d check my iPod.
  • Finish a book – fail!  I’m almost halfway through Jean Chretian’s autobiography.  I’m really enjoying it and hope to finish next month.
  • $0 Budget – check!  I tallied up both my expenses and savings and figured out how much I could allocate to my TFSA.

I think I have too many goals.  I must prioritize which ones are most important and have 3 monthly goals, and 3 ongoing goals. Seeing all those red fails are getting me down and discouraged.

Whew.  That was tough.  Readers, how has your February?



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14 responses to “February 2012 Networth and Goal Recap

  1. Those jeans were a good price and they fit very well. I say it was well worth the purchase 😉

    My Feb roundup will be on Monday… I went over my mental budget of $1000 but that’s because I’m a brat.

  2. As my post tomorrow shows, I failed big time. I don’t know if it was because I set the bar too high or what but I’m hoping March is better for me!

  3. I took one look at your budget and went “Oh man, been there”. I have no doubts that you’ll turn it around next month 🙂

  4. You do so well on eating out! I cannot seem to rein my spending in… sigh. But MARCH will be another month.

    • Thanks, WellHeeled. It helps that BF no longer lives downtown and we hang out in my apartment out in the “boonies” so we make most of our meals. Most of these meals were out with friends.

  5. February went very well for me. But don’t worry, I’ve had months like yours as well. We all get out of budget and I think that as long as most of your money is well spent, there’s nothing to worry about. Next month will be good. (that’s what I tell myself. haha!)

  6. My February was a disaster. But I’m impressed with your lunch packed every day! Good luck in March! 🙂

    • I’ve been so on top of my lunches this month 🙂 It’s gotten a lot easier when I just don’t plan on any lunches out at all. Having said that, I may go out once a month or every 2 months or so, for the social aspect of it.

  7. Good luck for March! I’ve been meaning to pick up a Revlon lip butter on your recommendation but I was waiting for a sale too! Maybe I’ll just pop into my closest Rexall to see what they have…

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