PF Confession: My Make-up Stash

Readers, I have a confession to make.  I have been hooked on buying make-up.

In the last several months, I grown my stash of make-up brushes, lipsticks and eye shadows by… a lot.  I now know the difference between shimmering and matte eye shadows, matte and cream lipsticks, an eyebrow brush and an eye liner brush.

Beauty Bloggers

I have discovered the world of beauty bloggers.  And I have been avidly reading their reviews on pigmentation of different eye shadows and lipsticks and have even ran out to grab some items from my local drugstore.  Because if it’s a holy grail item for a beauty blogger, it must be pretty darn amazing!!

These beauty bloggers are serious about beauty.  When they review a product, they do a thorough job.  Reviews usually include (but are not limited to) texture, usability, staying power, scents, pigmentation, allergic reaction(s) and even cost (sometimes).  When I read a good review, I feel like I really get to know a product… and then I want it.  Bad.

Even though I am still a PF blogger at heart, I still want to join in on the fun.  So, even though I can’t get my paws on Yves Saint Laurent, I can still have fun with Revlon and other drugstore (and more wallet friendly) brands. And maybe my expectations were set too low, but I have found a lot of great stuff at my local drugstore!  My current favourite make-up brands include MAC, Revlon, Wet n Wild, Joe Fresh, Marcelle and Maybelline.

My Stash

I won’t bore you with too many details, but I’ve had some great hauls recently with all the holiday sales going on.

My favourite purchases so far have been my L’Oreal HiP Metallic Eye shadow in Gun Metal (306), Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette (738), Revlon Matte Lipstick in Fabulous Fig (009), Marcelle tinted moisturizer and Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner.

Moving Forward

I also must delete the Shoppers Drugmart app from my iPod.  It has been a huge enabler for me.  It just makes it so  too easy to view their flyer.  The latest damage occurred on January 15th, as I saw my favourite Revlon lippies were on sale for $3.99 (reg. price $10.49).  I made an executive decision that Berry Rich & Plumalicious were good candidates (who knew that I would love plum lip colours so much?), and that I indeed needed a red lip liner so that I can actually wear my red lipstick without looking like Chuck.

So I am all stocked up and there is no reason to buy any more make-up (after January – oops!).

Readers, have you discovered the awesome world that of beauty bloggers??  If so, have you been able to resist temptation?



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22 responses to “PF Confession: My Make-up Stash

  1. Yes and no! My makeup stash is horribly huge and I buy both high end and drugstore makeup. So my challenge for 2012 has been to buy only 6 makeup products (not counting essentials like foundation and mascara). I think this will help curb impulse purchases at the drugstore.

  2. YES AND YES! Who are your favorite gurus? 🙂 I am very thankful though since I have found a lot of items I would have never sought out myself. My favorites are Maybelline Pink Please lipstick, Loreal Fairly Nude lipstick, Maybelline Stiletto eyeliner, Rimmel eyebrow pencil, Milani liquifeye eyeliner, Maybelline age rewind concealer, and some Revlon lipsticks. I have yet to find my perfect drugstore blush but the swatches these people make are very helpful!

  3. before i discovered the world of youtube beauty gurus, I probably had two makeup brushes, a blush, a mascara, a concealer and an eyelash curler.

    After i stumbled into the wonderful word of youtube beauty videos, my makeup collection exploded. I now have a (single-level) ikea chest full of makeup. LOL

    So yes, I have discovered the wonderful world of online makeup community where makeup is not only for flawlessly airbrushed models and stars. And I have given in the temptation to get a lot of makeup because of it. I finally stopped last year when I realized that it will probably be 5 years before I can make a dent in my current makeup stash…

    some of my favourite online beauty “gurus” are: tao’smakeup (blog), buynowbloglater (blog), makeupbytiffanyd (youtube and blog), and gossmakeup (youtube) – check them out!

  4. Monika

    i love lisafreemontstreet (youtube) for makeup and hair but i try to use what i have and indulge in only a few pieces here and there. it is hard though, and i’ve falled off the wagon *many a times* and bought a tonne of stuff. i’m pretty simple in everyday makeup, which i think is my saving grace, but when i hit the town (which again, is not often, another saving grace), i like to play it all up a bit more, which is where those few key non-daily pieces fall in.

    make up is fun though, so its an easy temptation fo’ shizzle.

  5. Ah I wish I could be more interested in makeup! It looks so fun – like your face is a canvas.

    In reality, my alarm clock will always win and I will need to be happy with concealer, mascara, and a swipe of gloss.

  6. *covet covet covet covet covet*

    Must…. be…. good….

    I’m more in tuned with the petite fashion bloggers than the beauty bloggers, but I do dabble on occasion. I find myself looking at the pretty colours and containers and getting a serious case of the “It’s sooooo pretty, I want it!”, which I can’t do right now. And for that matter, my makeup usage is minimal anyway. I’m currently wearing… nothing. I have moisturizer and blistex on. I know I should spend more time doing my makeup, but for the time being I don’t. When I spend more time using what I have I’ll look into getting more like a *gasp* responsible adult. For now I’ll just ogle the pretty pictures 😀

  7. I’ve been using the internet for ages to find out what the best makeup products are. Why try them out myself when someone else has thoughtfully reviewed so I know what to buy and what not to buy? So I think that beauty blogs help save money. Kinda 🙂

    • Good point!

      I find that when I go out and buy a product that has been raved by beauty bloggers, I am not disappointed. But when I stray and try a new product, it is hit and miss. SO, I think I will stick with the recommended products and SAVE 😉

  8. your thriftiness

    I’ve been following (and become enabled by) beauty bloggers for many years now, pretty much since I started having an interest in makeup! 😛 I’m not as bad as before because I have more self-control and know what kind of products will/won’t work for me, but when I was starting out I was so eager to try anything with good reviews XD

    • A part of me feels like I need to run out and get the L’Oreal Infallible eye shadows and the Maybelline Tattoo gel/cream eye shadows. But, right now, I am exercising self control – as hard as it is to do so. And I did give myself a small make-up budget to play with, so I hope it works.

  9. Shoppers drugmart is horrible for me too. Everytime I go in to get shampoo, I come out with $100 in beauty products.

    I recently discovered a few shades of red lipsticks that look good with my skintone. I’m in trouble 😦

  10. I LOVE beauty bloggers! And Fashion bloggers! I don’t read enough but I’m afraid to seek out more because it certainly does influence you to spend more money =p

  11. I was always a make-up junkie, but didn’t want to spend enormous amounts of money on it. Then I discovered coupons, and realized I could get make-up for free at drugstores!
    The Sunday paper always has makeup coupons (Revlon, Maybelline, Cover Girl). Sales + coupons = free! I say, when it’s free or almost free, having a huge makeup collection is totally fine.

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