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2011 Annual Financial Recap

I really enjoy the power of knowing exactly where all my money goes.  And I really enjoy gathering data on my spending habits so that I can analyze them and make changes where necessary to keep improving.   If you don’t already track your spending, I highly recommend it.  And don’t worry if you fall off the band wagon a few times.  Just get right back into it.

Looking back on my 2010 recap post, I remember that I completely fell off my expense tracking band wagon the summer of 2010 and had to make “best guesses” based on credit card statements, debit transactions and cash.   But the ever so kind Fabulously Broke encouraged me to not keep at it, and sometimes, kind words from a stranger is all it takes to help you over those humps.

2011 vs 2010 Expenses

More $$$ in 2011

I knew there would be a big increase here since I paid for all of the car insurance in my family ($3000/annually).  I figured it was my way of paying my parents for letting me use the car full-time.  I also paid for all the maintenance of the car, including some major repairs in September.

The family car will likely be passed down to my little sister when she graduates, so I’m hoping to be car-free after May 2012. 

I have written about my struggle with acne several times.

These facials for a last resort for me and more than $700 later, I learned that that’s not what my skin wanted (thank goodness!).  I do have my acne under control now, so all is well that ends well. 🙂

I went a little crazy and bought many, many products, trying to heal my acne while also trying to cover it up.

Then, after my acne healed, I kinda let myself go and went out and bought all sorts of make-up after reading about them from some awesome enablers beauty bloggers.  I am happy to report that my make-up stash has since more than quadrupled in size.

I had 3 eye shadows, 1 eye liner, 2 blushes, 2 lipsticks and foundation at the beginning of the year, so I didn’t start with much. 🙂

I got a lovely used net book.  Her name is Mini Mimi and she is lovely and I wrote most of my 2011 posts with her.

My cell phone also died.  My little Nokia started to turn off sporadically and refused to turn back on.  Then after a few hours/days, everything would be fine.  Then, after it would turn off again. Since my cell phone is my primary phone (no land line), I needed a replacement.

Enter my Nokia C3.  His name is C3P0 🙂 and I am quite happy with him.

I took two big trips this year – one was with my family for two weeks in Hong Kong, and the other was ten days on the Canadian east coast.  I really enjoyed them both and am thankful I had the opportunity to do so.

Less $$$ in 2011

I didn’t do this on purpose.  In fact, I was really surprised since I have been cooking more at home.  This is probably because I batch grocery shop, instead of shopping for one meal only (I did that a lot when BF and I cooked together on weekends).

Well, ideally this number would be closer to $0 since I was supposed to be on a shopping ban! 😛

But, I did do a closet clean-out and I think I did a fairly good job only mostly buying items that would fill the voids in my closet.  I still bought some items because they were on sale, but much less impulse buying. 🙂

For 2012, I am putting together a shopping list of clothes that I want to buy.  Planned purchases only.

Bank fee’s
I had a month in July where I partially paid a credit card, but thought that I had paid it off entirely, and so I got dinged with interest fee’s.  I was really upset when this happened because I had been so good.

2012 will be the year of no bank fees.

I guess I got cheaper! 🙂  And no weddings, also help!

Readers, do you enjoy analyzing where and how you spend your money?  

Coming up, my 2011 Goals recap & 2012 Goals!



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