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December 2011 Recap (finally!)

I am embarrassed that it has taken me this long to finally get my act together and put together my December and annual spending recap.

The holidays were waaaay too short, and I finally got to see family and friends – some of whom I haven’t seen in a while!  I spent a good week or two away from my computer (gasp!) and I didn’t even bring my netbook home with me (gasp!).  My other excuses are also that I had piles of projects in my room that just needed to be done, and I couldn’t stand the sight of them unfinished anymore.  A little peak at said projects…

My jewelry holder.  Thanks to the Amrita Singh sale and generous donations from friends ;), my jewelry collection no longer fit on the candle stick holder and chocolate box I used to store them in.  I was inspired to make my own cork board jewelry holder.

Anyway, enough with my excuses – onto my recaps! 🙂

Income: $5,649.70

Expenses: $2005.46

My December was a really awesome paycheck month!  Not only was it a 3 paycheck month, I also had a modest bonus to boot!   Money cannot buy happiness, but money can make me happy.

I was trying to be realistic for December, but I still came in $500 over budget.  See below for where my money went.


I caved and ordered a sweater and 2 t-shirts from Old Navy during their holiday sale.

I also bought a really nice that I’ve had my eye on for the past couple months.  It’s “The It” bag!!  It’s actually a camera bag, but I’m going to use it as a purse.  It was on sale over the holiday for 25% off, and I paid about $147 including all taxes and shipping.

I don’t have very many bags, and my last favourite bag kinda “died”, so I took the opportunity to get these darling bag.  She is SO pretty.  Review coming up!

Eating Out

I tried to be realistic, but I met up with so many friends over the holiday.

It was totally worth it, but this eating out budget must be tamed in 2012.


We spent new years at a friend’s place – it was potluck styled, so we still saved a lot more money than if we had gone out for dinner.

I realized now that the over spending was not due entirely to new year celebration.  I also bought $40 of books from Chapters: InStyle: The New Secrets of Style ($12.99), Jean Cretien: My Years as Prime Minister ($7.99), 10 Minute Relaxation for Mind & Body ($2), Get Positively Beautiful by Carmindy ($5.99) and The Wealther Barber Returns ($10).


Meh 🙂

I’m not a huge gift giver, but there a few people who I really wanted to make them feel special.


I didn’t account for “reno” costs.  Most of this is storage containers for my growing stash of make-up (see below).  I also bought stuff to make my jewelry board, and returned any unused/extra stuff.


I have a love-hate relationship with beauty blogs (more on this later).  But in short, I’m stocked up on make-up and brushes!!!  I may have also increased my lipstick collection ten fold within the span of 4 months – I used to only have 2!


I drove around more during the holiday.  I also have been driving my car for work.

Please note that I do get reimbursed for mileage, but I choose to just include that as “income” instead of trying to figure out the work portion and the personal portion.


Ever since my Hong Kong trip, I’ve been lusting after my sister’s Hey’s luggage.  I love that it splits the storage space perfectly in half with a zippered lining. It is such an efficient use of space!  The 4-wheel drive also doesn’t hurt.

I was going to put the Heys luggage on my 2012 shopping list, but Costco had a special.  The 26″ luggage and 21.5″ carry-on came in a 2-peice set for only $99.99.  For reference, my sister has the 26″ luggage which she got for half price, and it still cost $150+tax.

I can’t wait to use it!

Wheeew! 🙂  That was a lot of explaining, but now I am ready to move onto the exciting part – my net worth update!

December 2011 Networth

I was really hoping for a big gain this month and I am really happy with my 5% gain. Yes, I am grinning from ear-to-ear as I type this.

Can you believe how close I was to ending off the year with $80,000 to my name?!  So close!


I am really proud of myself for tracking my expenses ALL year!!! *pats self on the back* *then high-fives herself*

Maybe it’s the engineer in me, but I LOVE analyzing my spending/saving data at the end of the year and then compare it to last year.  And this year, I collected good data, which makes it even more exciting 🙂

Stay tuned for my 2011 Spending recap!



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