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Happy (late) New Year

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Hello dear readers!

I hope that everyone had a very safe and happy new year.

I have been MIA from my computer for most of the break, spending time with family, friends and my dear boyfriend.  Even though I felt a bit of internet/blogging withdrawal (I kept thinking about how practically everything would make a great post!), I really enjoyed my time away.

Thank you to everyone who entered my Grown up Christmas Wish Giveaway.  Your support and generosity was very much appreciated and blew me away.   You contributions to a holiday charity totaled $480 and a few days ago, I made a donation of $250 to Sick Kids Hospital.   I hope that we will be able to help the children, in any small way 🙂

I will chose a winner really soon.  I want to do with BF since this is my first time, and I want to make sure it’s fair and I don’t mess up.

I know that some of you filled out the form without writing a comment sharing your grown up Christmas wish (which was mandatory).  I blame this on my lack of clarity in the directions and hope that I can make the entry directions more clear in my next giveaway.  In keeping with the holiday spirit, I will still include those entries.

I will be posting my December 2011 recap, 2011 recap, 2011 resolution recap and 2012 resolutions goals and habits, soon.  I’ve been spending most of today organizing/moving around furniture/building furniture in my room.  Can’t wait to share my “reno” photographs and perhaps a tutorial on making my first jewelry holder.

Stay tuned and here’s to a great 2012!



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