Confession: I’m Kinda a Scrooge…

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I’ve been seeing so many great holiday gifts guides around the blogosphere, but I can’t help but cringe at the thought of stepping foot in a mall (or even a strip plaza, or any store, really).   As you know from my post here, I don’t exchange/give gifts to even the closest of my friends.  And we’re all okay with that!

Why I don’t like Gift Exchanges

I really dread the thought of pushing through crowds and fighting for the remnants of a sale to get a gift.  And also, I am not organized enough to shop ahead of the holiday season. So, I really don’t want to burden my friends with having to fight crowds and sift through stuff, just to get me a gift.

How much should I spend?  What if they spent so much on me and I only spent $20 for them?  Would they really like this? Really?

If I see something I think one of my dear friends will love, I will just gift it to them.  No reason to wait for Christmas.

We are all (mostly) Adults

I really think that Christmas gifts are for kids.  As a kid, I really looked forward to getting gifts at Christmas since I couldn’t really buy my own gifts (we got gifts from my relatives – my parents didn’t really get my sisters and I gifts).  But as an adult, I can buy my own gifts and exactly what I want, and my friends can buy their own gifts and get exactly what they want.

And even though gift cards are nice, sometimes, it’s just nicer to just to the restaurant together, or to just go shopping together and buy what we want to buy for ourselves!

Crazy Consumerism

I think our society has taken the consumerism part of Christmas and made it into something that will solve all our problems.  The message of “give the perfect gift and you will be the best friend/spouse/daughter/mother/employer/etc. ever!” is pretty much the message of every commercial I’ve seen or heard.

Don’t get me wrong, I like shopping, sometimes.

But Christmas isn’t about sales, it’s about something much, much more than that.

Non-religious Short Rant

I’m not a religious person, but when I was little, I really looked forward to singing Christmas carols in the gymnasium every year.  You know, there a teacher plays the piano and the lyrics are on a projector screen?  I loved those and I wasn’t Christian.

I know that a lot of public school don’t allow that any more, and I find it very sad.  It’s like it’s not okay to sing about Christmas, but it’s OK to use the word Christmas/Holiday and smear it all over sales. le sigh. /rant

I am Already so Rich 🙂

I have a wonderful and supportive family, whom I recently had a chance to spend 2 weeks away with.  It really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I have a really awesome boyfriend who is caring, loving, honest, so incredibly supportive and he makes really great salad dressing! 🙂

I have great girlfriends who keep me grounded and keep me sane.  We have been through so much together.  They never judge me and always have my best interests at heart.

I have a safe and clean place to call home with great land lords who take care of me like I was their grand daughter.  And the rent is also ah-mazing! 🙂


So, even though I’m kinda a Scrooge, I still can’t help but get exciting about the holidays.  I love the crisp air, the fluffy snow, the beautiful decor and lights, the coziness of a fireplace, and a cup of hot chocolate after a morning shoveling the snow.  It just feels like home 🙂

Are you a scrooge?  What are your thoughts on the holiday?  What are some of your traditions?


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9 responses to “Confession: I’m Kinda a Scrooge…

  1. I just posted about my own Scrooge-like tendencies, so you’re not alone! I can’t stand Christmas because it’s not the same holiday I celebrated growing up. Everything is about “finding that perfect gift” and it drives me nuts. Personally, I think gifts should be for kids only (unless there are adults who have true needs) and the adults should be able to focus on having a good time together.

  2. I don’t mind getting gifts 🙂 but at work everyone exchanges cards, and it really means more to me to get a thoughtful card about how my coworkers/friends/family appreciate me than a gift, so that’s what I’m doing for a lot of people in place of buying something. As long as I can get a discount, I do enjoy giving gifts that make people happy though!

  3. I’ve stopped participating in the whole “gift-giving for the sake of gift giving” all together. For pretty much the same reasons you said: we’re all adults and can buy whatever we want. Plus, a lot of overpriced crap gets pushed aroudn at holiday season because it is the gift-giving season. If I buy one more overpriced shower/chocolate and nuts/ decorative basket for a friend, and he/she only uses 50% of the basket, then we both lose out, and the big evil retailer wins 🙂

    I love gift giving though, when I see something unique that I know a closed one has been wanting/would appreciate, I just get it for them.

    Btw, I’m totally with you on the whole “give the perfect gift and be the perfect partner/friend/cowoker” message -it’s everywhere and it’s nauseating. I find them especially prominent for jewellery stores. The message “buy this for your wife/gf or she won’ t feel appreciated” is plastered everywhere. I don’t doubt that some men do give in to this added pressure.

    At this stage in my life, me and my closed ones have our own money, and we lead pretty busy lives. I’d appreciate them making the effort to spend some time with me just as much, if not more, than a gift.
    I’m totally with you on the whole

  4. I do hate feeling obligated to gift everyone I love during Christmas. I try to think of small items that I know they will love but won’t cost me a fortune. It’s always hard getting things for my parents because I appreciate them so much, and I am always wanting to give people what they truly want. The reactions people get are priceless to me.

    Otherwise, like you I also like gifting things during the entire year if I see something they would like.

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  6. 1000dollarbudget

    It’s awesome to find that so many PF bloggers feel the same way about Christmas gifts as I do! Personally, I find those pre-packaged bath sets to be the most painful. They are the epitome of thoughtless gifts that are more obligation than love.

    I wrote a track-back post (is that what one calls it?) about this topic and linked back to your blog, hope you don’t mind! (and I love your blog!)

  7. About the school Christmas carols rant… The problem isn’t whether or not it bothers non-Christian students/parents to sing/hear Christian Christmas songs at school. It’s about the state basically promoting one religion over another. So, when school employees (who are paid by a school that is funded through tax dollars) say, “Let’s sing ‘Away in a Manger,'” that government entity is promoting Christianity over others, which is a problem because it goes against the Constitution.

    And let’s not forget that Christian parents (at least the ones in our area) would go nutso if the school promoted the singing of religious songs that were not Christian. I think it’s best to keep all of that out of the school system. Secularization for the win! /rant

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  9. I am a scrooge sometimes and I am not afraid to admit it. I don’t like the idea of buying NON-FUNCTIONAL gifts for people

    I am not cheap. I just don’t like to waste money or waste other people’s money.. It’s why I prefer going out and seeing people.

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