Hong Kong Trip Expenses

I mentioned briefly that I was recently on vacation in Hong Kong.  My family and I spent 2 weeks in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is a pretty small place and to spend 2 weeks there might be a bit much, but we really enjoyed our time there.

When I travel, I really enjoy staying in one place and really get know the area and culture. Even though, seeing attractions can be fun, in moderation, I really enjoy just “pretending” to be a local when I travel – I try to eat what locals eat, travel the way locals do (i.e., public transit), and people watch.

Being the PF blogger of the family (at least, I think I am…), I tallied up my expenses and am getting ready to take that amount out of my “travel fund”.

Air fare – $1,313.83

We bought out tickets back in July when there was a 15% promotion.  I learned from a friend there was a September Seat Sale where tickets were selling for around $1,100 – $1,200 that next time, I will know to wait for.

Accommodations – $368.56

I rented an apartment through Wimdu for the duration of 13 days we stayed.  This worked out well, since hotels averaged $85 – $100 per night per room and we would need 2 rooms for my family. Our apartment was in the heart of Hong Kong and super convenient and accessible to transit, restaurants and of course, shopping.

Full review of my experience booking accommodations with Wimdu coming up!

Shopping – $1,190

This includes a tailored 3-peice suit and skirt, I got custom made at Sam’s (famous Hong Kong tailor) for $640.  I also bought a pair of glasses as it was cheaper to buy them in Hong Kong than to buy a pair in Canada and go through my medical benefits.  I also went a little crazy at Sasa – a make-up chain in Hong Kong that is seriously like Sephora on crack.

I will do a separate shopping post on the clothes and make-up I bought complete with photographs 🙂

Food – $132.22

I can understand why Hong Kong people can be such food snobs.  The food there is so cheap and so good!

Mostly, we went out to eat because our apartment did not have a full kitchen, but we did buy take-out to eat at home several times.

I finally tried stinky tofu.  It like a deep fried spongy tofu, but it doesn’t stink when you eat it.  The smell comes from the cooking process.  So, I will definitely eat stinky tofu, again, but I will not be standing in line for it.

Transportation – $106.10

Public transportation is great in Hong Kong – seriously one of the greatest transit systems in the world.  It is clean, efficient and affordable.

We bought a tourist pass when we arrived at the airport.  It provides transportation via the Airport express to and from the airport.  It also provides unlimited travel on the subway for the first 3 days and a booklet of coupons to tourist attractions.

We also took trams, buses, ferries and the occasional taxi.  I love the options of public transit 🙂  My favourite mode of transportation is riding the tram and the Star ferry – I love the views!

Attractions – $62.50

I usually see a few attractions when I travel, but I don’t have to always see all the sites.  It’s just not my favourite thing to do.

In Hong Kong, we went to see the Big Buddha, Lantau Island and Ocean Park.  I’m not a huge fan of amusement parks, but I really wanted to see the pandas!

Total Hong Kong Trip Damage – $3,173.21

Overall, I am pretty happy and relieved that I was able to keep it around $3,000.  I was really afraid that accommodations was going to be through the roof, since we were spending so long in a pretty expensive city.

In fact, if I didn’t go a bit crazy in the shopping department, I would have kept it under $3,000.

So there you have it!


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11 responses to “Hong Kong Trip Expenses

  1. Spongy tofu? Gross. 🙂 Actually I hate all tofu, so this is not a slight on you in any way.. My mom force fed it to me when I was a child, and I’ve grown up with a hate for it ever since. The only soybeans I like are in edamame, soy milk and fermented into miso paste.

    I can’t wait to read about Wimdu! I had no idea you could rent like that and I hope you have pictures.. I would have liked to hear that there was a kitchen however.


    • Stinky tofu is not my favourite tofu. It smells very much like garbage when it is being cooked. But it does have an interesting texture 🙂 and doesn’t stink after it’s cooked!

      Wimdu was great for me! I highly recommend it. Just make sure you check out ratings of the landlord and location.

      Will have more pictures of stuff. Promise!:)

  2. me too! i want to see your haul. especially the tailored made suit!

  3. Great pictures, I can’t wait to see more! I really like the one that juxtaposed modern and historic architectural styles.

    I’m with EM on the tofu. We grow soybeans and I have difficulty in fathoming how they go from what we sell to spongy tofu 😉

  4. It sounds like so much fun! That’s so reasonable for 2 weeks in HK (the accommodation) – that’s probably the way to go when travelling, is to just book an apartment.

    I love tofu but I’m not too sure how I feel about the thought of the stuff you described, ha!

    • Booking apartment is definitely my favorite mode of accommodations.

      Stinky tofu is really hard to describe, but I re-read what I wrote and it doesn’t sound very appetizing. But I thinks it’s worth a try 😉

  5. I love Hong Kong for it’s inexpensive food!!! I thought subway was super expensive in HK. I love the Star Ferry also (only ever took it once because my brother suggested), it was really neat. Do you speak Cantonese? If you didn’t, was it hard to get around?

    • The subways are definitely the more expensive mode of public transit but I think it’s worth the price.

      Most people speak English so it’s pretty easy to get around. If you can speak Cantonese, it just makes it even easier.

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