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New Skin Regime

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As I have written before, I have struggled to find a skin regime that would work with my skin for most of this year.  I have consulted both dermatologists, estheticians, and read books on skincare.

Even though my skin not perfect now, it’s much better than it has been in a long time and I have really been able to get my acne under control.  🙂

I’m a creature of habit and when I find something that works, I stick with it.  I don’t like trying new products if what I’m using already works. I’m kinda boring like that 🙂

Things I learned

Natural is not always best.  There is a huge green movement, ranging from skincare products using more natural ingredients to mineral powder foundations.  The hippie in me wanted to embrace this movement,as well.  And for a while, I convinced myself that natural was better.

The thing I learned is that I have to use that is best for my skin.  I can try to incorporate more natural skin care products if it works for my skin, but I can’t force it.  And sometimes, I need stronger chemical (gasp!) products to control things – such as my acne.  There is nothing wrong with that.

Your skin changes.  Something that worked for me 3 years ago, stopped working for me earlier this year, and I needed to adapt.

Education is key.  I thought that I was fairly knowledgeable in skincare.  After all, I had been struggling with acne since grade 7.  But, this time, I still learned new things that I have been able to incorporate in my daily regime.

My New Regime

Includes more moisturizing.  Since I use stronger products to control my oil and exfoliate my skin, I needed to make sure my skin was moisturized and protected.

I have combined the best of what my dermatologist has recommended with more natural and moisturizing products.  I have also tried to avoid the products that Baumann did not recommend for oily, sensitive and pigmented skin types.

AM Regime
Cleanse with gentle cleanser.  I use Spectro Jel. Tone with a glycolic acid toner.  Acne spot treatment, as required.  Moisturize dry areas – around my eyes and cheeks.  Apply sunscreen then make up.

The glycolic acid toner helps slough away dead skin cells, and I moisturize in dry areas so that my face doesn’t go to overdrive and produce too much oil.  I use more natural moisturizers because I find they absorb more easily into my skin.

PM Regime
Remove make-up.  Apply serum all over face and neck. Apply acne gel all over face and neck.  Moisturize with night cream in dry areas. I also use a bit of Vitamin E oil for spot treatments at areas of pigmentation, as needed.

Once a week (when I can squeeze it in):
Sour cream and honey mask.  For exfoliation and soothing. I think honey also has anti bacterial properties, as well.  And a hydrating mask and a clay mask. For hydration and reducing oil production.

What is your AM and PM skin regime?  Do you use a weekly mask?  Or have any DIY toiletries to share?  I’d love to hear them. 🙂



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