October and November 2011 Recap

Holy moly.  How did we come to December so quickly?

October and November were fairly expensive months.  In addition to putting work expenses under my credit card, and paying for travel, I also indulged in some shopping for clothes, make-up, jewelry and some “renovation” materials.

Overall, I do not regret spending the money on the extras, I will go into details of my shopping (with pictures and all my excuses in the world) in a separate post.

For now, let’s look at where my money went.

Here’s the damage.

Income (Oct & Nov): $7,751.10

Spending (Oct & Nov): $2,509.97 *

*Please note that I presented things a little funny – I have not included travel costs in my budgets; however, I have taken the money out of my net worth since it was money spent.  I have yet to tally up my travel expense, but I hope to get it done soon.

Both October and November were normal 2 pay cheque months.

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went in October:

And in November:

On or under budget

November.  Overall, I was very happy with my (lack of) spending.  Of course, I was also away for 2 weeks, so almost half my expenses for that month was on rent :).  I can only do so much damage in 2 weeks.

Over budget

Clearly, I went a little wild in October 😛

Toiletries/Grooming: I just downloaded this Shoppers Drugmart app for my iPod Touch and it is so awesome.  I snagged 5 Revlon lippies for $3.99 each when regular price is $10.49 each.  I practically stole them from the store, right? I mean, it’s almost like saving, right?!

Clothing: Since I already broke my shopping ban, I then proceeded to do a full on closet clean out What-Not-Wear style with the lovely Fabulously Broke.  Will do a full post on this, but my closet looked very sad after our clean out. 😦  And so, we went shopping for things that would actually work for me. There was also an Amrita Singh sale… Yep, that’s all the excuses I got.

Groceries: When BF comes over, we usually go out and buy groceries and cook together.  Even this saves us money from dining out, it is usually more than I would spend on groceries for myself, alone.

Medical: I got a cold while traveling for work, so I had to stock up on some medication.  Cold medicine is expensive!!

Misc: I needed to take my passport photograph and renew my passport.  On the bright side, my passport picture looks awesome (how often do you hear that, right?) and I am satisfied with it for the next 5 years!

Rent/Mortgage: I wasn’t sure where to put my costs for “Phase II” renovations.  I think it makes the most sense to put it under rent since it is for housing, and I don’t usually have reno/housing items.  I bought a closet organizer, a book shelf divider, a bathroom sink shelf and many hangers and storage containers.  My closet looks so much better now.

Wow, are we done, yet? 😉

Here is my net worth update for Oct and Nov:

So, basically, almost no change to my net worth since September.  Which is really a bit depressing. Even though I did spend a bunch of money traveling 😦


Overall, I guess I am ok.  I would be happier if my networth increased, of course.  I think this is the first month that it has decreased…:(

My only consolation is that December is going to be a good month for income.  It’s a 3 pay cheque month and I get a modest work bonus.  *Fingers crossed*

How was your spending in November? Did you meet your budget goals?



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4 responses to “October and November 2011 Recap

  1. My spending was atrocious is Nov. BF and I went on electronic overload and decided to buy a TV as well as me buying video games. I also spent a crapload on food 😦

    There’s always next month for us! Can’t wait to see your goodies you bought!

  2. I almost had a heart attack looking at the grocery line on your spreadsheet. Then I realized I was looking at the budget line, and not the actual line.

    Of course, my grocery budget is slightly higher because my eating out budget is essentially zero. I’ll eat out once or twice a month, at most.

    Of course, this last month was an exception. I got used to eating out while I was travelling, and I didn’t go grocery shopping when I got back, so I continued to eat out. And then I got dragged out by friends and spent more than intended.

    November must just be a bad month for spending.

    And thanks for stopping by. I’m glad my comment on Ninja’s blog cheered you up. 🙂

  3. We spend quite a bit on groceries each month. We try not to go out a lot, maybe once a week and only for breakfast because it is the cheapest. 😉 But being a shopping enthusiast I spend quite a bit. I never stay within my budget on shopping. Well, that is going to change.

  4. LOL I almost had a heart attack for your income ($7500) and then I realized it was for Oct and Nov!

    That’s great that your passport photo looks good! I look like a mad serial killer in mine lol. Thanks for reminding me- I realize I need to go get my passport renewed!

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