Link Love (powered by Hong Kong and Mushroom Cream Soup)

Hello my lovely readers!

I have spent the last 2 weeks in Hong Kong with my family on vacation, and am now up at 4am (thanks to jetlag) enjoying a bowl of Campbell’s mushroom cream soup while catching up to my favourite blogs.

I will have several posts coming up about what I did, what I bought and of course, my expenses for the trip.  🙂

I also got the opportunity to meet with one of my favourite bloggers, Sassy Girl from Girl and City.  She took me to a great dim sum place and then we went shopping afterwards.  I love meeting up with bloggers and she was so sweet and down to earth.

Hong Kong is an amazing place and I definitely recommend you make a trip, sometime.  It is always alive – it’s hard to get away from the hustle and bustle, the  lights and bill boards, and OMG – the food and the shopping.

It’s clean and orderly and everything is just so efficient. It is quite a contrast to the life I know and love in little Toronto, Ontario. I did feel quite home sick at the end of my trip – I longed for my own personal space, my (relatively) spacious apartment, some quiet time and I really missed BF.  It’s so nice to be home 🙂

I kept up with reading blogs from my iPod Touch, but that device is not the greatest for commenting.  So, as I catch up to reading blogs, commenting, replying to comments, I hope you enjoy some of my favourite reads from the past couple of weeks!


Fashion and Style

  • Fabulously Broke shares where she shops in Toronto.  I am going back to Kensington armed with this list!  I always feel so overwhelmed when it comes to thrift shopping – but would love to do it more!
  • Jean at Extra Petite shares her quest for a new work tote, and boy is she ever lovely and $$$ :).  Although I wouldn’t drop that much money on a tote or bag (now), I admire her transparency and thoughtful decision.
  • Kelly from Alterations Needed shares her thoughts on buying duplicates of certain clothes.  My closet is pretty bare, but I have seriously thought of buying duplicates of items I really, really love.


  • Daisy shares some more tips to go green and save money!  I also use old shirts as rags too!  But I never thought to wipe windows with it, what a great idea.
  • Katie aka Red shares thoughts on finding her happy weight.  Exercising and eating well are things I try to balance, as well.  It’s tough!
  • A guest post on Geek in Heels about the difference a glass makes in drinking wine.  This makes a lot of sense, though until only recently, I used to drink wine from water glasses… I guess I have to try this out 😉
  • Wendy shares her thoughts on being thankful.  As you know, I love Wendy’s style – but this post just gives us a tiny glimpse into her past and she seems a more beautiful and strong woman because of where she came from.

New Blogs

I have recently discovered new blogs as the sharing features on the new Google reader are basically non-existent. *tear*  I used to rely heavily on shared items from avid sharers – such as Fabulously Broke and a few friends.  But now, I am left to fend for myself to discover new blogs.  #firstworldproblems, I know.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I have!

  • Messy Wands
    Xiao shares her skin-care and make-up finds.  I love her fun writing style and I really the way she does her make-up.  As a complete make-up newb, I get intimidated by all the different colours and selection of, well, everything.  Reading make-up and beauty blogs is my way of dipping my toes in the water 🙂
  • A la Peach
    I love Peach’s nails!  Her application is impeccable and IMHO, better than most manicures I’ve seen from salons.  For me, I like my nails short and have no patience to paint my fingernails, but I do love to admire from afar.
  • The Zhush
    It’s like someone clipped out the best pages of a home and design magazine just for me 🙂
  • {this is glamorous}
    I feel like I have a little slice a Paris when I ogle at these pictures. Yes, it is oh-so-glamorous.
  • Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
    I just recently discovered Crystal’s blog and I am hooked.  She writes with such a fun style and flair.  And, she recently quit her job to pursue her dreams as a freelancer full time.  Congrats, girl! 🙂
  • Cottons and Curls
    I love the tutorials for re-fashioning clothe that Lizzie puts together (seemingly effortlessly!).

Hope everyone has a good week 🙂


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4 responses to “Link Love (powered by Hong Kong and Mushroom Cream Soup)

  1. Hong Kong! I’m so jealous! It’s on my “must see” list.

    Thanks for the link love, friend!

  2. La la la.. *goes through and clicks on all the links*

    Glad you liked my article on Krystal’s blog 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link love 🙂

    I’m currently enjoying the fashion links 😉 Bad me…

  4. That’s some good links ! Nice collections. Thanks for sharing !!!

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