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September 2011 Recap

Since August was an expensive month (or so I thought), I tried to keep September quasi low. And my budget was shot to hell. Let’s just day that I got a curve ball and I gave into temptations. Oh, and the markets haven’t helped either.

Here’s the damage.

Income: $3,917.29

Spending: $2,348.92

Just a normal 2 pay cheque month. I am also including some money BF owes me. I’m desperate!

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Here’s where the money went in September:

On or under budget

Cell Phone: New plan kicked in. Saving me $10 a month 🙂

Medical: No massage this month. But I did see my dermatologist.

Groceries: Lots of fresh veggies!

Eating Out: Not sure if this was cheating since I increased my budget to $200. I anticipated lots of getting together with girl friends and family.

Over budget

Clearly, I did not anticipate all this spending! 😛

Toiletries/Grooming: I stocked up on moisturizer from Pure and Simple during their Midnight Madness Sale. Then, I got some other stuff that my dermatologist recommended. Ugh…. Yes, I got carried away.

Entertainment and Recreation: I wasn’t sure how much volleyball was working out to be, or camping. I paid for 2 leagues and spent about $50 altogether for camping.

Transportation: Gas is still expensive. I do get reimbursed for mileage, but I include that in my “income”, so it’s easier that way. I still buy tokens, and gave some to my sister when she came to visit. Oh, and I got some major work done on my money pit car.

Clothing: Yes, I broke my shopping ban! Pictures to come (you want to see them right?)

Gifts: Forgot about mid-autumn moon festival. I got mooncakes for my aunt, my parents and my land lord/land lady.

Here is my net worth update:

Somehow, I managed to eek out with a 1% gain, again! I am happy with that – considering everything (both of my own fault and the markets).

Still need to re-balance my portfolio, do some research and buy some stocks :).. maybe.


Overall, I am not too happy with this month’s outcome. I did go a little crazy on my spending of toiletries and make-up. It mostly had to do with my acne, and I know I shouldn’t use that excuse for everything, but I have been trying different lotions and make-up to hide it while it heals. Vanity, I know.

October should be better. No more toiletries!! 🙂

How was your spending in September? Did you meet your budget goals?



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