What I would NOT use a Groupon for

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Warning: Might be TMI

One of my friends just sent out an e-mail trying to get rid a Groupon she bought and wouldn’t be able to use before it expired.  For a Brazillian.

If you don’t know what a Brazillian is, see here.

As you already know, I’m not a huge fan of Groupons.  But seeing all the Groupons/Team Buys/ Living Social deals for various spa treatments. you’d think they were trying to sell me potatoes.  Unlimited laser hair removal treatments at 95% off, Brazillian for $20, under arm waxing, etc.

Now, this might be a bit TMI, but I’ve only had my first Braziliian this year.  And it was one of the most awkward and intimate situations I have ever been in (much less with a stranger).

Aside from someone applying hot wax to my lady parts, I had to literally bare it all down there to a complete stranger.  I mean, you really have to trust this person.

Groupon, no thanks.

There was NO WAY I would want to use a Groupon for this.  I think that services are priced at a certain premium for a reason, and I have this fear there that something might go wrong when services are offered at up to 95% off.  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  What kind of shortcuts are they taking to offer me these services at this price.  Something just doesn’t sit right with me.

Despite my inbox being bombarded with all sorts of deals for brazillians and laser hair removal, I went the “old fashion way” and booked an appointment at my favourite salon in the City and paid full price and happily tipped my esthetician 20% because she did such a great job and made me feel completely at ease (despite my usual grumblings about tipping).

Have you used a Groupon for intimate spa services?  How did you find it?  What would you not buy a Groupon for?



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20 responses to “What I would NOT use a Groupon for

  1. I would use groupon for a mani/pedi, massage, facial, etc, but never a brazillian. The thought even just makes me uncomfortable!

    • I’m not a huge fan of mani/pedi. I also don’t do facials, anymore. My skin is really sensitive, and facials seem to do more harm than good. So, I guess I wouldn’t use a Groupon for those either….

  2. Sonia

    Even for a mani/pedi, I probably wouldn’t buy it, just because sterilization procedures are important to me and not seeing the salon first would be a no go.

    I have a hard time feeling comfortable for my yearly pap smear. No way am I “opening shop” to a complete stranger!

    • LOL! “opening shop” to a complete stranger!”

      I am also a huge stickler for sterilization. I think my first mani/pedi turned me off from them. I don’t like people picking and prodding me… with stuff I’m not sure how it’s been sterilized.

  3. I did get one for a Brazilian after asking people I knew if they liked the place. It was right before my wedding which was in my home town of Philadelphia and I live in London where I usually have my waxes.

    It was ok, but I prefer my usual place. I would love my usual place to have a special, but I would guess they would not allow me to use it being a customer already.

  4. I’ve never actually used a groupon. But I don’t imagine a brazilian wax to be the first thing I’d use it for. Hygiene is very important with these procedures and I don’t want to go to a place that, for example, uses dirty towels, dirty linen, or redips their wax sticks.

    This is definitely TMI, but I’ve never had a salon brazilian, I may be too cheap and am definitely too shy for that. I googled for tips for DIY brazilians and tried it with the GiGi no strips brazilian wax, it was actually pretty simple and quick! The wax is around 12 bucks, plus I paid 1 dollar for some sticks. A tub will probably last me around 3 uses, so it’s a cheaper option if you don’t mind the hassle of doing it yourself.

  5. Lisa

    I bought one for a Brazillion blowout zero. Of course it was for a shop I never go to and was still quite pricey. It never worked, so I had to fight with them to redo it with the old brazillion blowout – which did work. That may me my last groupon – except for meals or things – but for spa stuff I will stick to my reguars.

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  7. LOL then you would probably be HORRIFIED if I tell you I usually get my brazillians done at the local ethnic shop for $25. No soothing spa music, nothing LOL.
    I personally wouldn’t want a groupon brazillian because the prices are still the same as the person I usually go to. I like getting in and out in like 10 minutes so I’m happy going to my usual place.

    PS was that the most pain you have ever encountered or what? And it DOESNT get better with time!

    • OMG. It was so painful. AND awkward. But the pain trumped the awkward. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time!

      It’s great that you have a place you go to that you trust AND charges you a decent amount. I also go to an ethnic salon to get my eyebrows done. I’m always happy with it and I walk out spending less than $5 including tip!

  8. I opt to wax the netherlands myself. I have been doing it for years and it’s nice not having someone else seeing the goods. I worry about salon cleanliness when it comes to a big pot of wax. I know good places never double dip etc. but still.

  9. Allison

    Do you live in a place and time where the economy is not sufferring? Businesses use Groupon (and like services) as a Marketing tactic- to get people in the door, not make money. The assumption that the safety or level of service would be sub-par is ridiculous. Ultimately, these businesses want you in their door to try out their service, (yes, paying a discounted price), and return as a regular customer or spread word (hopefully positive) to friends and family. I’ve seen many reputable businesses that I have very much enjoyed (and payed full price for) use Groupon. Get off your high horse. It’s just a Brazillian. Not LASIK eye surgery or breast augmentation. In those cases of major surgery or medical treatments, I would agree with you there in not taking the pic and save route.

    • I’m not judging how anyone choose to use or not use a Groupon. That’s not what this discussion is about. We all do what we feel is right for us. And that includes how and what we choose to spend our money and Groupons.

      I’m sure there are some ladies who might be completely comfortable using a Groupon for Lasik or breast augmentations. More power to them 🙂

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  11. Fiona

    I must respectfully disagree!

    I think the point of Groupon is just to drive customers to establishments for the first time so that people can have positive experiences with the companies and ideally, become addicted… so the biggest concern for the seller is getting the potential customer to visit and buy at least once, by which the effort of convincing them to become repeat customers must seem comparatively easy. So the price of the Groupon offer doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of the service; it’s just an introductory offer to get you in the door.

    For example: I actually bought a laser hair removal package from Groupon a little while ago at a salon I’d never even noticed before. The services were usually pretty dear ($499 for one small area treatment), and if it hadn’t been for the Groupon offer ($99, woohoo!), I would probably a) never have gone inside the salon doors, and b) never have considered permanent hair removal within my price range.

    But my experience was super positive; the salon was clean and comfortable, and the technician was experienced and professional, and the actual treatment was painless (awesome) and effective (even more awesome). In fact, my experience was so good, I would now consider going back at full price for more treatments, which is exactly what the company and Groupon would want.

    (For the record, I used to use at-home bleaching products — $15 for one kit which might last three or four months — so after a handful of years, the service will pay for itself… and I get the luxury of not having to bleach anymore! Hurray!)

    In the end, I think we have to remember that the special Groupon offer is just what it is: a special offer. It isn’t grungey, it isn’t dirty, it isn’t weird. I think Groupon would be reluctant to be involved with a company that was unsanitary or untrustworthy; they offer 100% no-questions-asked refunds to any dissatisfied customers, so they’ve got everything to lose from bad sales.

    One more thing: I was lead to your blog — Super cute name, by the way! — by a Google search of the 2011 Entertainment Book, which is being offered though Ebates (which is a website you should DEFINITELY check out if you haven’t yet, and you like to save money online). I find it interesting that you approve so enthusiastically of the offers in the EB, but not Groupon. When you rip out a coupon for an upscale restaurant from the Entertainment Book, do you judge the quality of the restaurant?


    • Thank for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts, Fiona :).

      I really enjoying reading about different perspectives and you have some great points. Regarding your question about the EB restaurant quality, usually I present the coupon upon payment so that’s after we’ve had the food. 🙂

      But you are correct that spas likely want to just get you in the door with the coupon and it is in their best interest to leave a positive impression on you. I’ve also seen fairly positive reviews regarding spa experiences using coupons, so maybe I will change me mind in the future.

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