Pinterest to my Rescue

I’ve recently gotten a Pinterest board and it’s SO COOL!!!

It’s like a virtual cork board where you can “pin” images from various websites on it.

I’ve been using it to put together ideas for my new and improved wardrobe.  From my experience with my shopping ban (so far), I’ve realized that I gravitate to the same pieces, and I also don’t look as put together as much as I’d like to be (photographs do not lie).

I’ve been consistently purging my closet this year, and I hope to have left the things that I really really like, or at least what I wear most.  I would like to determine what my style is and what I would like it to be.  And then I want to fill in the holes of my wardrobe next year.  But first, I need to know what those holes are, and I need to know what my style is.

So, this is some of my stuff from my Style Board.

The always stylish Fabulously Broke has kindly reviewed my style board and has come up with my style (thanks, girl!).  I feel like I am on an episode of TLC’s “What not to Wear” (except without the 360 degree mirror and the $5,000 credit card to spend on a new wardrobe… darn).

From what I have on my Pinterest Style Board, I like:

  • clean lines
  • streamlined shapes
  • black and white patterns and lace
  • stripes
  • classic shapes
  • trench jackets  (LOVE!!)
  • knee-high boots tucked in jeans with a blazer
  • colourful scarf with neutrals
  • chunky sweaters
  • belts
  • statement necklaces
  • Kate Middleton is my style goddess 🙂

And what do I have in my wardrobe right now?  Good question.  My fear is that after I finish purging, I won’t have anything left.

I’m just going to list the items I really love.

  • brown leather knee-high boots
  • black trench jacket
  • black flat strapped sandals
  • bronze wedged sandals
  • dark blue skinny jeans
  • lime green scarf
  • striped navy scarf
  • black and white patterned wrap dress
  • black blazer
  • grey open cardigan
  • black tulip skirt with pockets

Not all those items are perfect though.  My skinny jeans are a bit saggy in the butt and have started to fade.  My trench is a bit tight in the shoulders.  My black blazer have sleeves that need to be slimmed and shortened.  My open cardigan is pilling at the sides.  But it ‘s a good place to start!

If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, you can find me here.  I also have some pins for how I’d like to decorate my place, and hair styles I like :).

Have you tried Pinterest?  Or do you have a physical cork board with your ideas and inspirations? 



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8 responses to “Pinterest to my Rescue

  1. You sound a lot like me! I love stripes, boots, skinnies…knits, etc. I would love to join pinterest! Can you send me an invite pretty please?! I’ve been hearing so much about it (:

    my email is (old email ahha) thanks!!!!!!!!!

  2. ST

    I love pinterest, and I’m using it for the same reason. I alwasy feel like I spend on clothes but never really end up looking how I want. And that if i purged my closet, i also would end up with nothing! As well all my ‘nice’ clothes have issues with them too. Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about their style.

  3. The jackets are super cute! Love the trench style.

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