September 2011 Recap

Since August was an expensive month (or so I thought), I tried to keep September quasi low. And my budget was shot to hell. Let’s just day that I got a curve ball and I gave into temptations. Oh, and the markets haven’t helped either.

Here’s the damage.

Income: $3,917.29

Spending: $2,348.92

Just a normal 2 pay cheque month. I am also including some money BF owes me. I’m desperate!

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went in September:

On or under budget

Cell Phone: New plan kicked in. Saving me $10 a month 🙂

Medical: No massage this month. But I did see my dermatologist.

Groceries: Lots of fresh veggies!

Eating Out: Not sure if this was cheating since I increased my budget to $200. I anticipated lots of getting together with girl friends and family.

Over budget

Clearly, I did not anticipate all this spending! 😛

Toiletries/Grooming: I stocked up on moisturizer from Pure and Simple during their Midnight Madness Sale. Then, I got some other stuff that my dermatologist recommended. Ugh…. Yes, I got carried away.

Entertainment and Recreation: I wasn’t sure how much volleyball was working out to be, or camping. I paid for 2 leagues and spent about $50 altogether for camping.

Transportation: Gas is still expensive. I do get reimbursed for mileage, but I include that in my “income”, so it’s easier that way. I still buy tokens, and gave some to my sister when she came to visit. Oh, and I got some major work done on my money pit car.

Clothing: Yes, I broke my shopping ban! Pictures to come (you want to see them right?)

Gifts: Forgot about mid-autumn moon festival. I got mooncakes for my aunt, my parents and my land lord/land lady.

Here is my net worth update:

Somehow, I managed to eek out with a 1% gain, again! I am happy with that – considering everything (both of my own fault and the markets).

Still need to re-balance my portfolio, do some research and buy some stocks :).. maybe.


Overall, I am not too happy with this month’s outcome. I did go a little crazy on my spending of toiletries and make-up. It mostly had to do with my acne, and I know I shouldn’t use that excuse for everything, but I have been trying different lotions and make-up to hide it while it heals. Vanity, I know.

October should be better. No more toiletries!! 🙂

How was your spending in September? Did you meet your budget goals?



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3 responses to “September 2011 Recap

  1. I battled with acne before too and still some today so I know what you mean by doing or spending whatever you can to hide it. I’m sorry September was so harsh on you, hope you concur October to show em who’s boss.

  2. Overall, I don’t think you should be too hard on yourself. My spending for September was pretty good, and I actually had a wad of cash left over at the end of last week. I thought about going shopping, going out, cruising Amazon, but then I did one incredibly difficult thing: I took that wad of cash and put in my piggy bank (actually, it’s a teddy bear bank). It felt so good to get it out of my wallet and somewhere safe. I HIGHLY recommend this feeling! 🙂

  3. LC

    First of all, I just have to say… omg, I need to start making more money!

    Second, I can’t wait to get outta debt and build up the kind of savings you have. You’re my hero.

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