A Letter to 16-year-old me

Dear 16-year old Fab Frugirl,

It’s you, 10 years in the future.  I work as an engineer, and I live in an apartment.  I am an aspiring minimalist and I write a personal finance blog to document my journey to financial freedom.

I am happy.  I am currently on a shopping ban, I can’t buy new clothes, makeup or accessories until the end of the year.  I did allow myself 3 exceptions, though.  Anyway, enough about me, back to you.

Please don’t worry about how you look so much.  Acne and glasses suck.  But eventually, your teenage hormones will  get under control, and you will learn to use face products that work for you and learn the wonders that a bit of makeup (applied correctly) can make.  And glasses, they are so in now.  Thick, plastic frames, too!

Don’t worry about the popular kids.  When you are my age, and you see them hanging out at the mall, you’ll realize how similar they are to you – just kids looking for acceptance.  Sometimes, they can be mean.  And in reality, their lives may be be as great as you imagine.  Ignore their mean comments.  Karma can be a b*tch.  Just saying.

Focus on your strengths and work at them.  In university, you will meet so many like-minded individuals.  And being smart isn’t anything to be ashamed of, despite being called a nerd, geek and a brainer, now.  There will be people who will appreciate your intelligence, one day.  And you will be one of those people.

Don’t worry about the boys.  They will come.  Some are worth your while, and some not so much.  Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference, but with time you will learn.  Don’t be too skeptical, (but a little skepticism is healthy). Be nice to them, and make sure they are nice to you.  You will learn what it’s like to have a broken heart. It’s not fun.

You will finally get to go on a date with a cute boy.  And he will come pick you up in his parent’s car, and you will think it’s the greatest thing ever.  You will keep dating your high school sweet heart until he eventually breaks your heart 5 years later.

You will be bitter, angry and sad for a long time, but it’s okay.  You will get over it and move on, and most of all – learn from it.  You will become a stronger and more compassionate woman.  You will meet someone new and you will love again, and you will once again realize that love is the greatest thing ever.

Your girl friends (includes sisters & cousins) are your saviors.  Make time for each other and catch up often.  Girl talk is good for the soul.  Be honest, but don’t judge.  As for their advice and really listen to their feedback.  Some will not be a part of your life for a long time, some slip away, some you haven’t even met yet, others you should fight for.

Your family is your rock.  No matter how busy things are, try to make time for them. Call home more and visit more often.  I still don’t do this enough, but I am trying.  You will learn to understand your parents from a new level, and become even more grateful for all that they have tried to provide for you. You may not always agree with each other.  Handle those situations carefully.  Parents get hurt, too.

Always be open to new opportunities, you never know who you will meet and what you can accomplish!  Don’t be afraid of change.  I am still working on this. It is only through hardship that we learn the most.  Don’t follow the crowd.  Question your decisions and make sure they are right for you.  Accept nothing less.


Your Future Self

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