Group Trip Expenses

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I’m sure many of us have taken group trips this summer.  I know that I have!  One of the things that I learned this summer is that paying people back for expenses is key. Remember to pay back your friends on time.

One of my trips this summer, I paid for rental car and gas.  It wasn’t an outrageous amount, I was owed about $100 in total.   But my Visa bill had come and gone and still no cash from my buddies.

Reminders (all 3)

Right after the trip, I sent out an email tallying all parties’ expenses (aka mostly my expenses therefore please pay me 🙂 ).  No response.

After a week, I sent out another reminder and suggested e-mail transfer for ease since I didn’t see these individuals often.  One response that one of the individuals would pay me at a group outing.  Fair enough.  Except they forgot.

After 2 weeks, I sent out (yet another) reminder for payment via e-mail transfer and offered to “eat” their bank fee (i.e., pay me the amount minus bank fee).  I was willing to lose out on $1.50 if I can have my $100 back thankyouverymuch.  Though, I wasn’t super happy with this option (I was hoping people would feel guilty and just pay me!).

Forget about it?

My only fear was that this would pass and since it wasn’t a “huge” amount of money, people would forget.  Except me.  Needless to say, I was a bit peeved at the whole ordeal.  I felt like I had to “beg” for my money back.

These aren’t people I see on a regular basis, and since it’s been forgotten once (when we met up), it’s likely that it can and will be forgotten again – if not entirely.  Maybe I am over reacting, but that was my fear.

Am I over reacting?  I’m sure that in the past, I would have let payments go just because I forget about them or I didn’t want to keep asking.  But this new PF me is getting my money back!

How do you deal with group expenses?  Do you follow up on payments or are you more lassez-faire and figure things will balance out in the end?



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14 responses to “Group Trip Expenses

  1. I think it’s rude that people didn’t pay you back. One of my friends recently paid for tickets and a hotel for a girls trip (we all live in different cities). She just asked people do an online transfer. I don’t use online banking so I was just going to send a cheque; but it was during Canada Post’s rant. I ended up paying her cash when we met up for the weekened but felt really bad about it. I am suprised people had no problem not paying you even after your reminders.

  2. Brandi

    No, you’re not out of line at all.

    I’d honestly call them up and say, “Do you remember the $X you owe me from the trip? I really need to pay it off on my card now. When can I expect it?”

    If you ask for a date people are more likely to give it.

    Next time, though, I’d ask for it in person while on the trip.

  3. Never be laissez-faire about money! You really need to be aggressive about this in terms of calls and e-mails. Also, when you hang out the next time, if there are any expenses, make sure those people cover your expenses. I hope you get your monies back!

  4. I am not afraid to remind most people that they owe me money, except my sisters. I always end up swallowing the amount my sisters owe me, I think because I know I’m better off financially than they are.

    I would definitely give your friends a call to remind them that you’re waiting for the money. It’s harder to ignore a phone call than an email 😉

    • Good point about the phone call. I’ve since been paid (the email transfer and swallowing the fee worked). If it’s my sisters, my middle sister is really good with paying me back but my little one (since she is still in school), I usually treat her.

  5. LC

    Bah, that drives me crazy. Because I’ve had it happen to me so many times, I usually ask friends if they can put things on their credit cards now, so I can give them cash immediately.

  6. Kay

    So glad they paid you.. I’d be peeved about it too..

    People are nice, but they do forget. And I don’t feel asking assertively for my money back. So, these days, I’ve stopped paying for things when we go out in groups… I let others pay for it and give my share in cash right away. Saves so much heartache.

  7. I am sorry to hear about this! Situations like this stress me out too! And the opposite bugs me too. A few weeks ago, my Eye Candy and I got invited up north to a pig roast at a chalet of a new friend of ours. We showed up with our tent, food, beer, wine for the host and ready to have a good time. The next day, he asked us for $25 each to cover the food. We didn’t have any cash with us and we’ve promised to give it to him the next time we see him.

    I don’t have a problem paying the $25 as I know parties are expensive to host, but I would have appreciated a heads-up with the invite. I also feel like we contributed more in terms of drinks and food than others did so we should be exempt from his $25 fee… at the same time, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers so I have the money in my wallet set aside for the next time we cross paths.


    • Thanks for sharing, Rosie!

      That seems like an awkward situation! Like you, I don’t have any problem with covering my share of food costs, but of course, it is nice to let one’s guests know ahead of time. That way, the guest can also gauge how much food/booze they want to be bringing , as well!

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