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The Personal in my Personal Finance

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LC over at Blonde on  Budget just wrote a great post about the “personal in personal finance”. Check it out here, it’s the inspiration for this post!

In her post, I commented that I was wary, at first of incorporating too many personal stories.  The reason being, the more personal something is in my “pf” life, the more likely it’s going to involved people in my “real life.”  And those people in my “real life” may not care as much about how certain situations affect my “pf” life, or understand how much (or little) something affects me.  Since my blog primarily talks about pf, they might even think that’s all I think about!

But I want this blog to accurately reflect my current thoughts on my relationship with money and trying to live a frugal (but fabulous) life, while meeting my financial (and personal) goals.  And I am not ashamed of anything that I write, if someone from my real life were to find it.  Money is just not something that I talk about often, aside from with BF and my sisters.

I also find that writing something personal comes easier to me than trying to write something “useful”, although I do hope that I am able to write a “useful” article every so often.

Mainly, I hope to share my experience and pf journey with the wonderful community out there.  I really feel like there are virtual high fives all around when a PF blogger reaches a milestone or become debt-free or buys a house with 20% down payment.  And where else would you find that?

So, I am going to have some more personal posts coming up!  I hope that we may learn from one another by sharing our experience, and as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!  I always learn so much from everyone!

How do you put the “personal” in personal finance?



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