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The F Word


It’s September and I feel as though summer has just flew by.  As I get older, I feel that summer gets more and more precious.  I feel so protective of “my summer time”, and I try to squeeze every last drop of it.

I know this is self fish of me, but I am so glad that I got to spend almost every weekend the way I wanted.  That means, no weddings of acquaintances (or friends I haven’t spoken to in years), no unexpected visit from distant relatives, you get it. But I can’t help it, summer is short in Canada!

What I’ve been doing

  • Patios.  Drinks.  Dinners.  Lunch.  People watching. Just good old hanging out on a patio.  Love it.
  • Beach volleyball.  Sun. Sand. Friends.  Beer. It’s the only exercise I’ve been doing this summer, and I love it.  My friends and I play one weeknight a week and try to get in a weekend here and there.
  • Camping.  Sort of.  We pitched a tent and slept in it for 2 nights on a camp ground to save money on accommodations when we went white water rafting.
  • Road trips.  Even though this option may be more expensive with the rising cost of gas, I still think it’s a beautiful way to see the countryside and enjoy sites at your pace. Also lots of good stories to be shared if everyone doesn’t kill each other in the car!
  • Vacation.  Love doing nothing.  Except eating, sleeping, reading and writing.  Can someone please pay me for this?
  • Seafood.  I used to be afraid of sea crustaceans.  Something about their hard shells and claws reminds me to monsters.  Now, I’ve not only eaten my fair share, I can cook them, too!  Booyah!
  • Seeing my girl friends.  I never do this enough.  But I have been seeing them more consistently this summer and I am glad. Love them.  They keep me sane and grounded.
  • Meeting bloggers.  I finally get the change to meet bloggers whom I’ve been reading for years!  And yes, they are as amazing in real life!
  • Reading.  I’ve been on a non-fiction kick lately.  I love that I can actually get into a book instead of reading a page and a half and falling asleep in bed.
  • Cooking.  Learning to cook more simple flavours and having more time to enjoy the food with BF and friends.
  • Tracking finances.  I fell off the bandwagon last summer, but this summer, I am accounting for every expense.  Even though this is “work” and not “fun”, I love the control I have, and don’t have this cloud of “fear of spending too much and feeling guilty” over me.

Summer budget recap coming up!

Having said all that.  I am looking forward to fall.  Maybe it’s still the student in me, but I see fall as a time for new beginnings.  I love the crisper air and the smell of fireplaces.  I love the colours of changing leaves, snuggling up in warm sweaters and drinking hot tea on a slightly cool day.

Readers, what have you been up to this summer?  And what are your thoughts on fall – love it or hate it?



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