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Link Love (powered by Nickelback and Pineapple buns)

I always thought it was so cute to see the “powered by” done by the lovely eemusings, so I’m going to copy her style!  Hope she doesn’t mind 🙂

Now, onto some of my favourite posts this week!


  • 3 stages of life shared by Geek in Heels.  I’m not sure what stage I’d prefer to be in…
  • How my Father ended up in the Hospital by Geek in Heels.  I was in tears by the end of her post.  It was terrible what happened to her father – just an honest man trying to run a small business.  I’m so glad that he is recovery and things were not worse.
  • I’m Glad by Cassie.  I loved the short and sweetness of this post.  I can certainly relate.
  • How we do what we do by Molly. Inspiring and so heartfelt and honest.

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