June & July 2011 Recap

I’ve been slacking on posting my monthly recaps and missed out on June’s monthly recap, and decided to do another combined my recap for both June and July.

I knew that July was going to be an expensive month with a pending vacation with BF, so my goal was to lay low in June.  Let’s see how I did.

Income: $9,050.00

Spending: $5,374.12

July was a 3 pay check month which helped to pay off my big ticket spending items.  I will post a separate budget for my vacation spending.

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went in June:

Here’s where the money went in July:

On or under budget

Clothes: I dry cleaned my winter jackets and haven’t spent any money on my shopping ban.  I did have a few slips on my shopping ban I need to confess.  Another post for that.

Groceries: Most of July was on vacation and I try to not buy groceries the week before vacation and eat out of my pantry.

Travel: I budgeted $2,000 for my vacation with BF and $1,500 for plane tickets for a trip with my family later this year.  Travel costs will be a separate post.

Over budget

I think I’ve been more realistic in budgeting as there is generally less red.

Eating Out: Argh.  This is such a weakness for me, as I spent $300 in June.  Socializing is expensive.  I tried to make up for this by pushing back my hair cut, no facial and no massage, this month.

Toiletries/Grooming: I got sunscreen from Pure and Simple, some hair ties, dry shampoo and conditioner.

Entertainment and Recreation: I paid for my volleyball league fee’s, paid for a rafting trip in August and went to a friend’s cottage.

Transportation: Gas is expensive.  That is all.

Here is my net worth:

I am happy that my networth went up, but again, a little sad that it went up only 3% over 2 months.  It’s the traveling .  But I have been saving for the travel in my ING Travel fund, so I had the cash.


Overall, I am okay with this month’s outcome.  I would have liked to see a bigger increase in my net worth, but c’est la vie  🙂

Also, the Canadian dollar is stronger and the value of my US stocks in my TFSA aren’t as high.

How was your spending in June and July?  Did you meet your budget goals?



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2 responses to “June & July 2011 Recap

  1. Holy crow! Is $9000 income just yours or you and your BF’s combined income?

    Congrats on such a big jump!

    • That’s just my income. I would never post BF’s information up.

      It’s for 2 months, though, and one of them was a 3 paycheck month. Love those! Next one is in December. Can’t wait 🙂

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