Vacation Preview: The Maritimes (East Coast Canada )

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my Frugal Parents “Pilot” post!  My parents are a huge inspiration to my desire to achieve financial freedom, and I love to share my stories.  It also serves as a good reminder to myself when I start to slip up!

I’ve been a little quiet around the blogosphere the past little while.  That’s because BF and I are on vacation!

We are spending almost 2 weeks on the beautiful east coast of Canada.  We’ve been to Halifax, Nova Scotia and took a road trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia so far.  We are planning to head to Prince Edward Island soon.

I’m a huge fan of Anne of Green Gables!  And you can imagine me squealing like a baby girl – “Anne was here!  Anne and Gilbert went to school here.  They kissed on this bridge!”  Yea, I’m crazy like that 🙂

BF and I have been diligently tracking our travel spending and I will be excited to share that with you when I come back.  And the pretty pictures, of course!

I hope everyone is having a great summer (or winter for those of us on the other side of the equator)!

I leave you with a picture of their Royal Highnesses on their recent trip out to the beautiful island (and after doing some awesome dragon boat racing!).

P.S. I’ve recently joined twitter, and haven’t figured out the widget to link my twitter account with my blog (yet).  If you’d like to follow me, you can find me @fab_frugirl.


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10 responses to “Vacation Preview: The Maritimes (East Coast Canada )

  1. Yay! I’m from the Maritimes originally, and I still find that the most beautiful spot in Canada. I went to PEI last summer and had such a fun time! If you’re an Anne fan, then prepare to freak out almost 24/7 as nearly everything is called “Anne’s x” or “Marilla’s y” or “Diana’s Z.”

    Make sure you get some Cows ice cream while you’re there too!

    • Thanks for the tips! Just went to see Green Gables today and I was squealing like a school girl. 🙂 Haven’t had Cows ice cream yet, but BF and I want to get some tomorrow before we leave.

      And, the Maritimes is the most beautiful place in Canada. Can’t wait to share some photographs!

  2. “And you can imagine me squealing like a baby girl – ‘Ane was here! Anne and Gilbert went to school here. They kissed on this bridge!'”

    Uh… You do realize that they’re fictional right? ^__~

  3. LC

    I am going to a wedding on PEI in August 2013! Please post pics, I can’t wait to see that part of Canada 🙂

  4. I went to PEI about 4 years ago and LOVEED IT.

    PEOPLE ARE SO FRIENDLY THERE. It was so refreshing. We got honked at, and they were just wanting to say “hi”! hahaha usually in Vancouver if you get honked at, people are waving you the bird.

    Enjoy all the delicious lobster!

    When we went to PEI, people were saying to us “why’d you come here?” because they didn’t know why people would want to explore PEI because it was so small.

    Some of the houses (we went on a PEI city tour) were so beautiful, right on the water. I remember the lady saying that the houses in this area were very prestigious and expensive because they were oceanfront. I asked how much and she said $200,000.

    I laughed in amazement because you can’t even get a 500sq condo for $200,000 in a suburb of Vancouver for that price!

    Have a great time! Say hi to Anne for me 😉

  5. I’m from Nova Scotia and grew up reading and rereading the Anne books and watching the movie. When I was 8 my parents took us to PEI and I was so excited to see Anne’s house. I was telling my mom, “And this is where Anne slept, and this is where Anne ate…”, my mother said innocently, “Little Lamb, you do realize Anne wasn’t a real person but just a storybook character…”. I was CRUSHED! My little 8 year old heart was ripped from my chest right there in Anne’s kitchen! I ran from the house and found a tree and sat there and sobbed my little eyes out. I don’t know if I’m over that yet… 20 some years later.

    I miss the East Coast so much. It’s a wonderful place!

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