PF Confession: Eating Out Budget Fail


The above is the only meal that BF and I cooked the past weekend. It’s a clam and mussel linguini. (Recipe coming up because it was super delicious).

Let’s recap the eating out disaster shall we?

  • Friday night – Sushi dinner and drinks $35
  • Saturday – Brunch $20, drinks at bar $20
  • Sunday – Brunch $20, Dinner $20

OMG! That’s $115 alone on eating out in ONE weekend. And that is only my cost, BF spent at least that amount. Yowzers.

Needless to say, I am way over budget in eating out this month. 😦

I’ve tried to make up for this in some other categories, such pushing back my haircut and massages, but the damage was done. Will be sharing my June spending recap soon.

Do you ever blow you budget in one weekend? What is your weakness?


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