Soaking in Summer

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Living in the City, I love summers.  I feel the City just comes alive after our too-long winters and rainy spring.

I love people watching and seeing how we all react to summer.  People in their summer clothes, and sunglasses.  Ballers driving with the top down on their convertible.  Ice cream trucks.  People flocking the patios and enjoying dinner or drinks.

One of my goals this summer is to just enjoy it and soak it all in.  After a weekend of soaking in the sun and playing hard, I feel rested and ready for the work week (okay, who am I kidding – the next weekend!).

The past weekend was spent visiting my parents in the Suburbs on Saturday and then hitting the City Beach with my friends for a day of volleyball.  Playing with my old team mates, I realize how far we have all come and improved from when we first started playing together 3 years ago.  Time flies!

Then after our day out in the sun, my friends and I caught a free concert at a park in the City.  It was beautiful!

Hope everyone is enjoying their favourite season and seasonal activities! 🙂




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2 responses to “Soaking in Summer

  1. Summer is beautiful. It’s really hard on my finances, though, because I want to do so much!

  2. Me, too!

    Lucky for me there are a lot of fun and free events/activities in the City which I take advantage of. I try to balance frugal activities (like going to the beach) with more expensive activities, such as going on a camping trip.

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