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Does you see the Scratches on the glass or the Million Dollar View?

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I know that this is just another way of saying, “Is the glass half full or half empty?”, but I thought it was an interesting story to share.

This last week, I was over at an acquaintance’s home.  They lived on the 24th floor of a beautiful condo overlooking the City.  Both the view from the master bedroom and the living area was breath taking, and understandably – a million dollar(s) view.  Unlike many condo’s in the City, it wasn’t blocked by highrises or office building – just a beautiful view.

Unfortunately, this acquaintance, didn’t seem to have the same perspective as me, because all over their beautiful glass, they scrawled and marked up where all the scratches and imperfections were.  There must have been at least 10 – 15 circles/boxes drawn around scratches and they scrawled notes onto the glass of what the imperfections were.  (My face was about 3 inches away from the glass before I could see some of the scratches that she was talking about.)

I understand that they did this so that when they complained to the condo Board, they can find these locations at a quick glance and to fix them.  But they have lived like this for almost an entire year.

I understand that if they paid a lot of money for their home (I’m guess at least a million bucks), they would want it to be perfect.  But the reality is that nothing is perfect.  And what I find really sad is that instead of seeing the beautiful view they had, all they see are all the little scratches and imperfection.

Even though I don’t plan on plunking down a $1 million on a condo – no matter how great the view, I hope that if I were to do that, I would be someone who would be enjoying the view.

Are you someone who enjoys the view?  Or would want the glass to be perfect before you can really enjoy the view? 



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