April & May 2011 Recap

I missed out on April’s monthly recap, and decided to combine my recap for both May and April.

As I discussed in my April Luxury post, it was an expensive month.  I was going to try and lay low for May… that sort of happened.  Here’s how things went down.

Income: $8,727.21 

Spending: $6,190.32

My income for April was $3,440 and $5,279.21 for May (yay, for tax refund!).   The bad news was that I spent more than I earned in April.  The good news is that I saved almost 75% of my income in May to make up for it 😉

Click on any image to enlarge.

Here’s where the money went in April:

Here’s where the money went in May:

On or under budget

Clothes: Success!  Although, I did spend money, I bought it from my $25 of “reward money” for thrift shopping.  I did go over budget by $3, but no biggie.

Thrift shopping was so much fun, I’ll write another post on that.  Basically, I spend hours trying on stuff and browsing with my sister, only to walk out with an armload of stuff for under $30!  I highly recommend anyone to try it out.

Groceries: I did amazing these months!  Mostly because I’ve been going home and my parents send me back with lots of left overs. 🙂

Over budget

What can I say, I think I went over budget in almost all categories. le sigh.

I must be more realistic when I come up with these budgets, because it’s a little dampening on my spirits when I come in over budget.

Eating Out: This is such a weakness for me, and I spent time (and money) catching up with friends and eating out. The summer patio’s just call out to me!  Time to break out that Entertainment Book more.

Electronics: BF got me an iPod Touch for my birthday and so I had to get it clothes! 😉  And I also bought a used Netbook ;).  My netbook is now my computer at BF’s or when I go home.  It’s 100 times better than lugging my laptop around, and I get to read and comment on my favourite blogs! 🙂

Gifts: My sisters and I cooked some extravagant meals for mother’s day and my mom’s birthday.

Medical: I wasn’t sure if I should count my facials as medical.  It was to deal with my blemishes and skin problems, not sure if it should fall under toiletries or entertainment. Meh.  I got 5-pack Clear Complexion facials to help treat my skin.  So far, I am very satisfied with them, and my skin looks amazing!

Toiletries/Grooming: I re-filled my blotting powder, and got some products to help hydrate my skin from Pure and Simple.

Entertainment and Recreation: I paid for my volleyball league fee’s, took BF out for a movie and went to a launch party with friends.

Transportation: I paid for car insurance for the year.  Good thing my tax refund also came in at the same time.  This was painful watching $3,000 just “disappear”.  I admit that I am still bummed about my networth taking a hit. 😦  Also the price of gas is getting ridiculous.

Here is my net worth:

I am happy that my networth went up, but again, a little sad that it went up only 3% over 2 months.  It’s the car insurance… (Don’t worry, I will eventually get over it, but not yet).


Overall, I am okay with this month’s outcome.  I gave into some of my impulse buying (i.e., a netbook), but it was a great deal and it has made my life better.  🙂

I will work harder to make my June budget as realistic as possible.  BF and I are planning to take a trip in July, so I’m really excited about putting together a budget for that.  My rough calculations should be about $2,500 each but I will post a detailed article about that as soon as I finalize some more prices.

How was your spending in April and March?  Did you meet your budget goals?



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10 responses to “April & May 2011 Recap

  1. Kay

    I have some fun money aside for every month. I blew in April by about $50 but then stuck to it in May. So all is well in my world.

    Tell us more about your thrift shopping. Where did you go? I like thrift shoppping too – saves money, great clothes and FANTASTIC for the environment. I just have to keep an eye on the amount I spend there so I don’t go over my fun money.

  2. Ann

    Yay for thrift shopping!

    I am too embarrassed to report on my budget spending for May, though. Actually, I am too scared to try and balance it out. I went a bit crazy.

  3. Leftovers and free food are the best. If you think about it, each time you get leftovers, you save like – $5, or the cost of the meal you would have eaten if you didn’t get the leftovers, which is great. So thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays just for the leftovers.

  4. I’d love to hear more about your thrift shopping as well – it’s something that I’ve never really done.

    I overspent in April and I think I’m over in May too (haven’t crunched the final numbers yet). Hopefully we’ll be able to reign in the spending in June ‘eh?

    • It was my first time, but I’ll put together a little post of what I learned from it.

      I was hoping to get the BF to take some photo’s of my thrift finds, but I have no idea where the time goes!

      Here’s to reigning in the budget for June. No facial for me this month. 😦

  5. Found your blog through Gail’s. You a brave to post your numbers each and every month! Sometimes I miss not having a mortgage and kids, my finances would resemble yours instead of equity in a home, and RESP savings…
    Keep going with your shopping ban, it’s good for the soul!

    • Welcome, Erin!

      I get my courage and inspiration from the fabulous ladies and gentlemen pf bloggers I read 🙂 It is anonymous, so I don’t feel completely “financially naked”.

      Thank you for you encouragement. I will remember that next time I feel my shopping is cramping my style 🙂

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