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April & May 2011 Recap

I missed out on April’s monthly recap, and decided to combine my recap for both May and April.

As I discussed in my April Luxury post, it was an expensive month.  I was going to try and lay low for May… that sort of happened.  Here’s how things went down.

Income: $8,727.21 

Spending: $6,190.32

My income for April was $3,440 and $5,279.21 for May (yay, for tax refund!).   The bad news was that I spent more than I earned in April.  The good news is that I saved almost 75% of my income in May to make up for it 😉

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Here’s where the money went in April:

Here’s where the money went in May:

On or under budget

Clothes: Success!  Although, I did spend money, I bought it from my $25 of “reward money” for thrift shopping.  I did go over budget by $3, but no biggie.

Thrift shopping was so much fun, I’ll write another post on that.  Basically, I spend hours trying on stuff and browsing with my sister, only to walk out with an armload of stuff for under $30!  I highly recommend anyone to try it out.

Groceries: I did amazing these months!  Mostly because I’ve been going home and my parents send me back with lots of left overs. 🙂

Over budget

What can I say, I think I went over budget in almost all categories. le sigh.

I must be more realistic when I come up with these budgets, because it’s a little dampening on my spirits when I come in over budget.

Eating Out: This is such a weakness for me, and I spent time (and money) catching up with friends and eating out. The summer patio’s just call out to me!  Time to break out that Entertainment Book more.

Electronics: BF got me an iPod Touch for my birthday and so I had to get it clothes! 😉  And I also bought a used Netbook ;).  My netbook is now my computer at BF’s or when I go home.  It’s 100 times better than lugging my laptop around, and I get to read and comment on my favourite blogs! 🙂

Gifts: My sisters and I cooked some extravagant meals for mother’s day and my mom’s birthday.

Medical: I wasn’t sure if I should count my facials as medical.  It was to deal with my blemishes and skin problems, not sure if it should fall under toiletries or entertainment. Meh.  I got 5-pack Clear Complexion facials to help treat my skin.  So far, I am very satisfied with them, and my skin looks amazing!

Toiletries/Grooming: I re-filled my blotting powder, and got some products to help hydrate my skin from Pure and Simple.

Entertainment and Recreation: I paid for my volleyball league fee’s, took BF out for a movie and went to a launch party with friends.

Transportation: I paid for car insurance for the year.  Good thing my tax refund also came in at the same time.  This was painful watching $3,000 just “disappear”.  I admit that I am still bummed about my networth taking a hit. 😦  Also the price of gas is getting ridiculous.

Here is my net worth:

I am happy that my networth went up, but again, a little sad that it went up only 3% over 2 months.  It’s the car insurance… (Don’t worry, I will eventually get over it, but not yet).


Overall, I am okay with this month’s outcome.  I gave into some of my impulse buying (i.e., a netbook), but it was a great deal and it has made my life better.  🙂

I will work harder to make my June budget as realistic as possible.  BF and I are planning to take a trip in July, so I’m really excited about putting together a budget for that.  My rough calculations should be about $2,500 each but I will post a detailed article about that as soon as I finalize some more prices.

How was your spending in April and March?  Did you meet your budget goals?



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