Link Love

Some of my favourite posts  🙂


Personal Finance


  • The Cup of Life shared by Single Mom Rich Mom.  I first read this tale from my dad, and I am so glad that I found an English version to share.


  • Get Annie’s Look from Bridesmaids by Look4Less.  I love her navy blazer with gold buttons.  And I loved that she wore it more than once in the movie!
  • To Alter or not Alter?  by Extra Petite.   Jean takes us through step by step to come up with a decision whether or not we should alter a piece of clothing.


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4 responses to “Link Love

  1. Hey Frugirl! Thanks for the link but the post was actually a guest post from Serendipity. You’re right though she had some awesome points!

  2. Frugirl, thank you so much for the link and support girl!! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the link Fru!

  4. Thanks Frugirl! Hope you had a great weekend 🙂

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