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PF Confessions: Shopping Ban Thoughts

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I am almost half way through my shopping ban 2011!  Yay, for me! 🙂

For those who are new here, I embarked on a shopping ban this year – no new clothes, no new make-up and no new accessories.  I did this for a number of reasons – to challenge myself, to save money, to be more creative with what I already own, and to also figure out what pieces I truly “need.”

You can read all about my reason here, my guidelines, “exceptions” and all my updates here.

Even though I didn’t have a closet overflowing with clothes, or a make-up drawer that was over stuffed, I still felt like I was only utilizing a small portion of what I had.  The rest was just wasted space.

Now, I am sure that there are certain items that make my life a lot easier and dare I say, even better.  But it’s hard to determine which is what when I had all the “extra’s” and non essentials.

I’ve decided to compile a list of things that I may consider adding to my make-up, clothing or accessories, after my shopping ban is over.  This isn’t meant to be a carte blanche for spending, but is meant to help to make planned and informed decisions on what can really help me and add value to my life.

For those of you on shopping bans, what are you thoughts so far?  For those of you who have finished your shopping bans – congratulations!  Any tips to share? 🙂


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