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PF Confession: Thoughts on “No Spend Days”

I first heard of “No Spend Days” from reading various pf bloggers’ spending recaps.  The idea never occurred to me before, as I think I spend on an as-needed basis, and I analyze my monthly overall spending, anyway.  But I was curious, and decided to actually track how many days I didn’t spend money.

In March, I had a whopping 4 days of no spending.  And this April, I started to be even more mindful.  In April, I had 9 days of no spending.  Here are some of my thoughts about tracking my no spend days.

No spend day “high”

For some reason, now that I started tracking, having a day without any spending gives me a little “high”.  It makes me think twice about buying little things that could “ruin” my no spend day streak.  Silly?  Probably.

This one is probably sillier, but I get a little upset when I end up spending money on a day that I thought would be a “No spend day”.  For instance, last week when I didn’t make enough left overs, I grouchily forked over $4 for a Timmies sandwich for lunch.  (I get upset when I have to buy lunch anytime it’s not a social thing, but this felt like a double whammy.)

Spending promotes more spending

I’m not sure if I did this before my “No spend days” tracking, but whenever I spend money, I feel it’s almost okay to spend more.

For instance, last Wednesday, I picked up some coffee beans as a gift to our admin assistant for Administration day.  At the check out, I grabbed a spinach boreka for breakfast.  Sure, the boreka was only $1.50, but if I hadn’t gone in to buy the coffee beans, I would not have gone in just for the boreka.

The Big Picture is More Important

Sure, it’s kinda fun for me to play the “game” and challenging myself to see how many “No spend days” I can get in a month, but at the end of the day, it’s the big picture that matters for me.

I can spend $120 a day on a facial, and $0.80 the next day on some pastries – they both count as spending days.  But there is a world of difference.  Getting that sense of “high’ from a no spend day does not automatically mean less spending.  In fact, it can almost give me a false sense of accomplishment.  No spend days on their own is not enough, they must be combined with regularly checking and updating my budget.

Note: I’ve just updated my April spending and even though I have more “No spend days”, I have not decreased my overall spending…. le sigh.  

What are your thoughts on “No Spend Days”?  Do you track your days of no spending, or is it about the big picture for you, too?



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