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Review: Bridesmaids

This weekend BF and I decided to go splurge and see a movie in theatre (gasp)!

I’m not a huge movie buff, but I usually like seeing a few a year.  There is something really nice and simple about sitting in a big, dark room and being entertained.

I originally was not too thrilled about the movie, “Bridesmaids.”  It looked like a girl version of “The Hangover,” and kinda stupid.  After reading a few very positive reviews (and a 90% rating from Rotten Tomatoes – yay!), I was convinced and even managed to get BF to see it with me 🙂

I’m glad I went to see it, even though it’s not exactly a “big screen” movie.  (I consider “big screen” movies to be explosions and action movies.)  Kristen Wiig stars as Annie, our heroine, and she also co-wrote the movie.

The movie was funny and smart.  It dealt with the superficial issues to real issues of loneliness and self esteem.  And, it was done in a cheeky and hilarious manner.  I seriously laughed and cried during this movie (more laughing than crying, though).

Even BF enjoyed it.  Though, he won’t admit it – I saw the way he laughed through it :)

Verdict: I think it is the perfect movie for a date night or a girl’s night.  How often can you say that? 😉

On a personal finance note, we really should have used a coupon (Rainbow Cinema – $6 each) instead of paying full price at AMC ($13.50 each).  It was a last minute decision, and we don’t do this often, so I’m okay with it, but we will be thrifty about our next movie.

Are you a movie buff?  Any good movies lately that you’ve seen?  Would you go watch Bridesmaids?



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