Money for Musicians

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I live in a big city, and one of the great things about living in a big city, is the diversity and talent of the people living in it.  And I realize that I don’t take enough time to enjoy and recognize the talents of my fellow urbanites.  Specifically, I am referring to street musicians.

On the Subway

I take the subway at least 3 – 4 times a week, and as I am rushing off to work in the mornings, the street musicians are already there.  Some sing, others play musical instruments.  A lot of times, I’m too busy focused on my destination that I don’t even pay attention to anything else.

Every so often, I would drop some change in their guitar cases or tin cans, as a token of appreciation.

Last Week

I missed my train, and ended up waiting on the platform for a good 5 minutes.

The musician there played a beautiful melody which I recognized from the Sound of Music soundtrack.  It sounded so serene and beautiful.  When I went to drop off my change, I told him that I thought he played beautifully.

He was very modest, and explained that he didn’t quite know how to play the entire song, and asked if  I knew it.  I asked him if it was from the sound of music  he seemed so pleased that I recognized it.  I thanked him again, and boarded my train.

That made my day 🙂

Stopping to Appreciate the Music

Like many urbanites, I rush from one place to another.

This month, I am making a conscious effort to not only stop and appreciate the music more, I am going to try to always have some change on me, so that I can show these street musicians that I appreciate their efforts.

What are some of the things that you are making an effort to do this month?



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4 responses to “Money for Musicians

  1. Kay

    I sometimes drop money into the musicians in front of Union station. Only if the music speaks to me.

    Funny you wrote about musicians… For the past two weeks, I’ve been wondering…. how does a musician get a place there? Because every day I see a different person. And only one. So does that mean, whoever comes in first gets the location?? It must be a tough life, eh!

    These days, I’m making an effort to take my daughter out and play more.

  2. I’ve been thinking for awhile now that it must be harder for street musicians, since so many people walk around listening to their iPods.

    And at least around here, most people pay with debit or credit, and don’t even have spare change to offer.

    Must be increasingly hard for the musicians!

  3. I usually don’t pay attention to the musicians either. But one of my friends does it all the time. He loves just getting out into the city and finding a train station or a city block and playing for hours. When he told me that, it changed my perspective on those people, since I always used to think that the people playing were homeless or poor (isn’t that a bad judgement? Makes me feel like an awful person), but at the same time, they couldn’t be cause then why would they have a guitar? I guess I’m weird.

    As for things I’m doing this month.. I did one yesterday! My neighbours were sitting outside so I walked across the street and introduced myself, and we ended up sitting outside all day, BBQ’ing steaks and smokies, and talking about everything. At the end of the day they both said that they were surprised I walked over and introduced myself cause not many girls would do that (they were both men). But I’m friendly like that! And I love meeting new people.

  4. Garett

    A couple of years ago, Joshua Bell, a world-class violinist, did an incognito performance in the Washington Metro to see if people would take the time from their busy day to stop to listen to street musician.

    This article from the Washington Post is about that event:

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