Link Love

Some of my favourite posts  🙂


  • Costs of Parenting Fails, as discussed by Revanche from A Gai Shan Life.  I have someone like her brother in my family, sadly.
  • Don’t Go on Vacation by Free at 45.  I do believe that we all need to go on vacation, at times.  Taking a day off here and there do not make a vacation for me, but perhaps it’s the timing of the vacation?
  • A Step back to Where I grew up by Shannon.  I love her blog and her writing is so real.
  • Smiles by Well-Heeled.  I love this girl!  And yes, I was the creepy dork who emailed her congrats 2 seconds after she posted she was engaged.
  • A Day at the Spa is hilarious.  Go check it out!
  • How to Become a Math Whiz by study hacks.   This is so true.  I was a stubborn math brat in high school and half of college.  I would try and try a question until I got it.  It worked, and it didn’t (not enough time to do that for every question of every subject).
  • 38 Life Lessons shared by Zen Habit’s Leo who turned 38.

Personal Finance

  • My First Home.  Krystal breaks down the numbers for us for her first home purchase.  Congrats to her, again!
  • No Spending Week by Jen.  Jen talks about her thoughts on not spending for a week.
  • 9 Alternatives for pricey software on Mintlife.  I use WordPress and am really happy with it, so far.
  • Clothing is not an Investment by Well Heeled.  I completely agree that good quality clothes which are versatile can really help someone look very put together. But that is not an investment.


  • How to Style a Leopard Cardigan by Extra Petite.  Jean shows how to wear this bold print cardigan from day to night.
  • Inspired by Milly by Look4Less.  I love this look and would love to recreate it when I can go shopping again.
  • Draped cardigan.  I can’t tell the difference between the expensive one and the Ann Taylor one!
  • The Secrets my Heels are Hiding by Alterations Needed.  I always envy girls who can wear heels, but maybe it’s because I am not wearing them right.  I’m going to try some of these secrets and report back.


And of course, congratulations, once again to the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge.  From the 10 minutes of footage and various photographs on the internet, it looked like a lovely wedding.  I wasn’t on the royal wedding band wagon, but it’s so nice to see something so positive in the world.

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  1. Thank you so much for the link girl!! 🙂

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