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Link Love

Some of my favourite posts ¬†ūüôā


  • Costs of Parenting Fails, as discussed by Revanche from A Gai Shan Life. ¬†I have someone like her brother in my family, sadly.
  • Don’t Go on Vacation by Free at 45. ¬†I do believe that we all need to go on vacation, at times. ¬†Taking a day off here and there do not make a vacation for me, but perhaps it’s the timing of the vacation?
  • A Step back to Where I grew up by Shannon. ¬†I love her blog and her writing is so real.
  • Smiles by Well-Heeled. ¬†I love this girl! ¬†And yes, I was the creepy dork who emailed her congrats 2 seconds after she posted she was engaged.
  • A Day at the Spa is hilarious. ¬†Go check it out!
  • How to Become a Math Whiz by study hacks. ¬† This is so true. ¬†I was a stubborn math brat in high school and half of college. ¬†I would try and try a question until I got it. ¬†It worked, and it didn’t (not enough time to do that for every question of every subject).
  • 38 Life Lessons shared by Zen Habit’s Leo who turned 38.

Personal Finance

  • My First Home. ¬†Krystal breaks down the numbers for us for her first home purchase. ¬†Congrats to her, again!
  • No Spending Week by Jen. ¬†Jen talks about her thoughts on not spending for a week.
  • 9 Alternatives for pricey software on Mintlife. ¬†I use WordPress and am really happy with it, so far.
  • Clothing is not an Investment by Well Heeled. ¬†I completely agree that good quality clothes which are versatile can really help someone look very put together. But that is not an investment.


  • How to Style a Leopard Cardigan by Extra Petite. ¬†Jean shows how to wear this bold print cardigan from day to night.
  • Inspired by Milly by Look4Less. ¬†I love this look and would love to recreate it when I can go shopping again.
  • Draped cardigan. ¬†I can’t tell the difference between the expensive one and the Ann Taylor one!
  • The Secrets my Heels are Hiding by Alterations Needed. ¬†I always envy girls who can wear heels, but maybe it’s because I am not wearing them right. ¬†I’m going to try some of these secrets and report back.


And of course, congratulations, once again to the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge. ¬†From the 10 minutes of footage and various photographs on the internet, it looked like a lovely wedding. ¬†I wasn’t on the royal wedding band wagon, but it’s so nice to see something so positive in the world.

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