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Stay-cation Recap

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You may remember in my budget for March and April, I set aside $300 for a mini-vacation for BF and I.  Well, we finally got around to taking that vacation a few weekends back.  At the last minute, we turned it into a staycation, and we couldn’t have been happier :).

A Sneak Peak at What we did

The weekend we stayed in the City was beautiful.  Warm, and sunny.  Just like how spring should be!  We spread out some blankets on his amazing deck, soaked in the sun and drank some beer.  I also attempted the newspaper’s crossword and Sodoku (my latest obsession).  It was the perfect mini picnic.


We had the perfect pizza at a little Italian pizzeria in Little Italy.  If you’re ever in the City, please check out this Cafe/Pizzeria.  The food was simple and yummy.  It’s not fancy, but being inside made me feel like I was in a little cafe in Europe.

We discovered a new breakfast place in the Market.  This lovely crepe place had delicious crepe and coffee.  It was perfect for a rainy day.  Then, we curled up on the couch and watched way too much television.  We also made some delicious sandwiches – avocado and jelapeno Havarti, anyone?

On Monday, our last day, we went for a walk and practiced some volleyball at the park.  It felt so weird to be out and about when “everyone” was working.  It reminded me of this post from Millionaire Mommy Next Door, of when Jen and her husband discovered they were millionaires, and they took a walk in the park while all their neighbors were working.

Then, BF and I ended off our staycation with a wonderful meal at our favourite Thai restaurant.  Of course, I had to snap a few pictures to capture the moment.

Spending Recap

BF and I usually take turns paying, so this is just my portion of it.  I think we split things pretty 50/50.  I spent $131 that weekend on food.


This staycation worked well for us, because BF and I were able to spend time doing stuff with each other instead of driving a few hours each way.  We also spent our money on food, food and more food, instead of accommodation, rental car, gas and food.  I would still like to take a cabin adventure vacation, one day, but this staycation was pretty fun and more budget friendly. 🙂

Have you done a staycation before?  What did you end up doing? 



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