$2.50 for 411

Last week, my co-workers and I decided to try a new lunch place.  But since we weren’t sure of exactly where it was, she suggested I try calling 411 on cell phone.  I asked her if it cost money, and her reply was, “Yea, but like $0.25.  I use it all the time and it’s great!”

Side note: 411 is like a talking phonebook service where you can call in looking for a business, and they direct you to a number.  

Fast forward to this week when I got my phonebill.   My cell phone usually comes to about $40 (including everything), so you can imagine my surprise when my bill was higher than expected.  It turns out that the 411 call I made cost me $2.50 plus tax!

Holy moly.

I didn’t want to sound like a complete cheapskate, but I also found it a bit alarming that my co-worker has been using this service for however long without realizing how much it was costing her.

Do you check your bills for everything?  Have you had any similar “surprises” that has happened to you?



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17 responses to “$2.50 for 411

  1. Yes! On my family plan, I’m expecting nothing more than $250/mo. We have a lot of minutes and three of us have unlimited data plans. My mother doesn’t have a data plan, so for her to send a picture text message, it costs $2.5o! Always review that stuff. Verizon got sued recently for fraudulantly charging customers…

  2. $2.50 is a ton to charge for a service like that…I would notice it too…surprising that your coworker didn’t…!

  3. I am a fiend for checking, especially if the number seems grossly off in its calculation.

  4. Yikes! The last time I used 411 I think it cost me $0.50 (it was a while ago..). I think my last zinger was $1 for using #TAXI after a night on the town. $2.50 for 411?? No thanks. I’ll ask a coffee shop for their yellow pages or google it on my phone instead. That’s nuts.

  5. Oh, yeah – like sneaky HD charges on my TV bill. Who needs hi-def?

    My ex and his family used to call our local equivalent of 411 all the time. What a waste of money, i thought – I’d rather just google or yellow page it. And now there are smartphones…

  6. dianapoulsen

    I learned to check the hard way. I upgraded to VIP on Rogers and they kept charging me $4.99 for TECHTV (which is included in VIP). I had to argue with them to get my money back for double charging for a channel I paid for twice. They seemed to think I was insane.

    Now I check, read the fine print, and call.

  7. I’m sorry that you got dinged with such an unnecessary cost! I hate when that happens as we try so hard to watch where our money goes that it’s just a shame to see any amount wasted.

    Last week, I actually bought a coffee brown belt at FOREVER 21 for $2.50 so I hear you – it’s not a major amount of money for Canada 411, but it wasn’ what you expected to spend… In fact, it was 10x what you expected! No wonder you are frustrated.

  8. Wow! I’ve never used 411 and I’m surprised it costs that much.
    I always check my bills, especially my phone bill – for some reason, Telus has trouble with simple math every once and a while.

  9. What??! I had no idea 411 on your cell was that expensive. I always look for a payphone (harder and harder these days) instead of using my cell because it’s free – at least it was the last time I used it.

    I always thought 411 was about $.50 on a cell phone.

    I was never the type to check my bills, I just trusted that it was right. Now I go through every single bill and have caught a few mistakes.

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