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Link Love

Some of my favourite posts  🙂


Personal Finance

  • Should you close your Mint Account?  Money Sense thinks so.  Giving your information to third party data aggregators (such as Mint), may leave your account security in peril.
  • Cooking Schedules and Budgetting.  Jen talks about how she cooks all her groceries right when she gets home.  This is what I do on any given Sunday night.  Batch cooking for the week 😉
  • The Dark Side of Giving shared by Frugal Dad.  I totally agree that some gifts just come with a very long string attached.  It’s why I was determined to pay for my own education.
  • 12 Ways you are Wasting Money on your Car by Gail.  I was really inspired by #10 since I am one of those people who don’t turn on my A/C in the summers.  Time to think twice about that!



  • Prom Make-up by Jen from From Head to Toe.  I love her make-up tutorials (though, I have yet to try one!).  I definitely did anywhere near this good for my prom.  Though my (little) sister did curl my hair and apply my make-up.
  • Playing with Colours by Wendy’s Lookbook.  Have I mentioned how much I love this girl’s blog?!  She writes a very touching piece about re-uniting with her little brother after they were separated as kids through foster care.
  • Crochet Lookbook by Extra Petite.  Love this dress on her, and love this girl’s style!  I gotta get myself one of them yellow belts – maybe that will help me be more stylish 😉



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