Rogers Sucks

For the longest time in Canada, there were only two major providers for wireless services – Rogers and Bell.  Until only recently, smaller wireless service providers, such as Wind Mobile, Public Mobile and Mobilicity were not available, and there was an oligopoly of outrageous wireless bills but nothing we could do about it.

Like most people, I have a 3-year contract with Rogers to get a better deal on a plan.  My contract is up in a few months, and after my last experience with customer service, you can bet your last loonie that I will be forking my money over to someone else.

Here’s why.

Last week, I get an e-mail notification from Rogers informing me my bill is due, and the amount in which it was due.  Since it was over my usual amount, I wanted to see what charges I got dinged for (this time).

I log into “myRogers” account, and (poof!) there is no information on my profile.  Usually, I see a little picture of my (dumb)phone, and pretty bar charts of how many daytime minutes/text messages I have left.  This time, there was nothing – nada.

However, there was a nice message at the side, informing me that I have not signed up for a “myRogers” account, or my profile was been deleted and I was to call Customer care at 1-888-blahblah, e-mail them at

And hence, my journey through customer service hell begins. 

1. Called Customer Care at 1-888-blahblah

This number takes me to an automated machine which tells me that I should call 1-800-Rogers1, if I want to speak to a representative regarding my bill.  Or I can chat with a representative at

Customer service chat?  No thanks.

2. Called 1-800-Rogers1

After being put on hold for 5 minutes, I reiterate my story of losing my profile information.  I want to know why my information is gone and where it is.

The representative I speak to says they can’t help me because it’s an “internet” problem.  They tell me to call the 1-888-blahblah, their customer service line for “internet” stuff.  I inform them that I called that number and it told me to call this number.

The representative says they can’t help me and suggested I live-chat (ummm, is there any other way to chat?!) using their live chat customer service.  They give me the link for live chat.

3. Chat with “Tony”

“Tony” has a bunch of pre-written text that he just seemed to copy and paste.

And the best part?  Tony can’t help me, because I need to live-chat with a representative who deals with the “internet” stuff – he just deals with the wireless stuff.  He sends me to another link for live-chatting.

Great.  See below for a screen shot of our chat.  It’s a whole lot of BS and waste of my time.

4.  Write an email to

While I was in queue for live chatting with the representative who does the “internet” stuff, I write an email to Rogers asking about my profile and why it was deleted, where it went, and how I can get it back.

I got this response.

Of course.  Go live chat with the call centre from a third world country, because Rogers couldn’t care less.

5.  Live chat with “Tracy N.”

Finally, after waiting in queue after 3 people (and sending off my e-mail), I get to live chat to Tracy.

Turns out that is was glitch.  She suggested I try another browser (I was using IE), and it worked.

Eureka.  After going through 5 people, I finally get my answer.


Rogers, you suckered me for 3 wholes years.  No more.  After my contract is up, you’re not seeing this girl again!  And I am never recommending this service, EVER.

From my knowledge, it should take no more than TWO transfers to get the user to the right representative.  This is a huge fail for Rogers.  Despite it being a “tiny” problem that was easily fixed.

Does anyone have recommendations for other wireless carriers out there?  I’m esspecially interested in the smaller carriers.  Please share in the comments 🙂  Thanks!



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24 responses to “Rogers Sucks

  1. Ugh, I feel for you. I haaaaate Rogers, and Bell too for matter. If I can’t go talk to someone in person, I try and avoid that service provider. Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid those damn automated customer service lines.

    My cell service is through Telus, and I don’t recommend them. Calls to customer service put you through to Guatemala – definitely not helpful.

    • Telus is so expensive, but I always imagined it would be better.

      I’ve been with Fido and was pretty happy with them, except that they didn’t have the pretty phone I liked… 😛

    • Pissed Off

      Yes Rogers sucks I ordered an I phone from them in Nov and have still never recieved it. It must be lost in ROGERS LAND some where. They still had the GALL to say that since the phone had not been returned I would have to pay my monthly fee of 110.00 untill it was returned. After more than 20 hours of calling UPS the shipper who could not locate the phone and trying to deal with the ROGERS BULL SHIT I myself was able to track down the missing phone. Still not good enough ROGERS still chared me until the phone was returned and had been processed thruogh system. What a bunch of BULL SHIT I would go with out a phone before I ever give ROGERS another penny

  2. I’m with Koodo and I find them to be okay. Better than Rogers or Bell (both of which I was with before)

  3. Hi Frugirl,

    My name is Chris and I work for Rogers.

    I wanted to apologize for the trouble you had. I wish we had been able to do a better job handling your issue, but I appreciate you taking the time to write about it. I’ve shared your blog post internally – we’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

    If you ever need anything, we’re able to help online in other ways. We’re on Twitter @RogersHelps and we have a blog, Redboard, which I’ve linked to in my signature.

    I hope when your contract is up you’ll consider staying with us! In the meantime, we’re here to help. Again, sorry for the trouble.

    • Thanks for stopping by my website, Chris.

      Though I appreciate the gesture, it’s unfortunate that it had to get this point before someone from Rogers seemed to care. If there is one suggestion I can make is to always have someone knowledgeable who can help on the other line. Speaking works better than chatting for me. Being passed around like a hot potato is really annoying and pretty useless.

      And unless you’re offering me a free iPhone, I’ll be taking my services elsewhere 🙂

  4. I’m with Rogers and I haven’t had any real problems with them yet.

    And not to play devil’s advocate here, but it’s kind of not their fault that your Internet browser was failing to interpret the page. I work for a tech company myself and it’s really hard to isolate someone’s issue over the phone — especially when it is NOT at all related to your own product.

    • That’s great that you haven’t had any problems, yet.

      I can kinda see where you’re coming from that my problem was not directly related to my product, but the fact remains that I was on IE, not some obscure internet browser. I have accessed my profile many times from the same browser with no problem, so I had no reason to think it was the browser.

  5. OMG! The Roger’s consultant actually commented on your blog!

    I’m with Vodafone my wireless always drops out, there’s an entire website set up to share how much they suck.

  6. I was with telus for 5 years. I was locked into a contract for 3 of those and went month to month so I could cancel at any time. My bill was usually $100/month and I called them at least twice a year to try to get it reduced. They would never help me and said my plan was, ‘saving me money’ because I was using my texting, and long distance to the fullest. When I was ready to call it quits the call centre re-routed me to ‘cancellations’ which was locally based. I was offered my plan for 50% off my monthly amount if I was willing to stay. This to me was outrageous; they couldn’t reduce my plan for 5 years and suddenly they can cut it in half!!!! I absolutely cut off my phone and tell everyone with telus to threaten to cancel to get their bills down. Cellphones in Canada are a rip off…

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  8. Stella

    It’s a shame that since April nothing has been done to fix the problems that “Chris” from Rogers has acknowledged. I am being given the exact same runaround today just to set up a password!!! Even the website the Rogers “management team” told me to go to, but it doesn’t work!!!! This website can’t be found!!! If they can’t even give you the proper place to go for help why are they still in business!!!!! We are so gullible and vulnerable when it comes to cel phone providers in Canada. They should all be called “HAHA, I SCREW YOU” PHONE COMPANY!!! I wish we could tell them all to go to “HE(double hockey sticks).com”

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  10. lori

    I’ve been trying to correct an “access code” problem on my daughters pay as you go phone with Rogers for the last 3 months. I did once speak to an agent, who couldn’t tell me why her pass code is not the one I set her phone up with, told me she couldn’t update when I was talking to her and said I can change it on their website. The website asks for her tele# and access code which then said we had the wrong code over and over and locked her account, so the website was useless for changing her accesscode. The website provided a 1 888 help number which was a greeting directiing me to the 1877 rogers1 # which was closed. So, I fully agree their customer service sucks. It’s absurd. Good Luck Frugirl! I hope you find a provider with excellent service.

  11. I just commited to a three year contract and now I am EXTREMELY sorry ! I submitted to on line billing and now they want me to go thru’ all kinds of “flaming hoops” such as user ID and password.I got a letter asking to verify same ,so I went to thier “forget and forgot” and no dice ! I tried phoning Cust. Serv. at 1-877-343-5745 and got an automated “lady” and blah,blah,blah CHAT ! I tried this :chat line” and,of no cigar ! Look,I am a simple old guy,why can’t they make it simple ???

  12. HA! You’re right ROGER’s SUCKS alright .I have been with them 15 yrs .They sent me new phones only to jack up my price .tried to speak to someone ,none have the same plan that i am supposed to have . So try to speak to customer care…
    Jason is his name tells me ; if you’re not happy or can’t afford it send the phones back and will give u ur old plan .Oh and now I’m stuck in another plan for 3 MORE YEARS.!!!GRRRRRRR….

  13. chri

    Hi Frugirl,
    I am soo glad to hear that you wrote about your negative experience with Rogers. I too have been left at the doorstep with thier …ahem ” Service” Pathetic was the word I used when I wrote a 4th complaint about thier lack of service.

    I dont have the time to write all that I have been through since I upgraged my phone, but the jist of it is. Since the upgrade I had to sign a three year contract, as part of thier rook to get me one last time. I had been a customer of thiers for about 10 years without too much complaint until now.

    As part of the upgrade I had to pay for a phone ? Which is supposed to be very speacial, however the Slickster agent that works at the Koisk for Rogers in Coquitlam Centre tells me that I can apply on line to get a rebate for $50 dollars towards the phone. Allthough I did not appreciate the manner in which the rep talked to me or his informal banter or the fact that I had a month to month plan without contract that now would be altered to a 3yr contract, I thought that Rogers was worth sticking too because of the lack of a better competitor.

    I have regretted that day since then. After 5 attempts to log in Rogers My account, I have had no luck ( which you seem to require in dealing with them in getting my rebate) Funny how the only thing that works with Rogers is there billing cycle, it is always consistant! Now I owe 220 on my next bill where as it was normally 40 per month. I have spoken to 6 agents over the 1888 blahblahblah number whom would redirect me to the Presidents office or on line Chatting with a autobots that are no more helpful than reading the crap on thier website.

    I have vehemently complained to anyone that would listen, however they only instruct me to go somewhere else, when I get that somewhere else I get directed back to the previous somewhere else. Me thinking that I would write to the Presidents office would get some results was dead wrong, After I made the written complaint only to have a automated response from that same office tell me to contact Rogers 1888 blahblahblah. What a bloody scam. When I asked Rep number 4 why wont Rogers just apply the rebate and save me the trouble, she said that she is helping me by telling me how go back online and start the same process that would not even allow me to login over again.

    Rogers is hands off, there service is contracted out to anybody but themselves. They do not care about the people they are supposed to serve. Once they have you signed up, they ultimatley do what ever they want to you and it is usually to over charge you and underrepresent you.

    I dont normally take this much time to earn $50 dollars at my job, but I have had to deal with more stress and aggrivation through them to attempt to recover what is supposed to by mine and that is my rebate of $50 dollars. I wonder if they make this process as difficult in order for me to give up, and then where does that rebate end up? In thier pockets?

    Scam, scam, when I asked number 7 why I could not get through this process today, she said that the system has been down and will not be up and operating until 130 pm today. I asked how long the system has been down ? She said ” just today” I said that I have had this problem logging into my account for 3 weeks. She only suggested to go to the on line chat. She was the second rep I spoke to today and she suggested to talk to another. I do hope that Rogers record every conversation when I call them in order to insure better customer service. Maybe they will actually listen to thier conversations and read thier emails and learn something from them

    • Dear Chris
      Sounds exactly what I’m going through now .I am so GRRRR…
      They always call …”are you satisfied with your service etc.” What a bunch of B.S ,when you start to tell them they say ; ”oh you’ll have to contact someone in the blah blah department .”
      I so pissed I hung up on them today. I to was paying around $35- 40 .Now 70$ and a BS story .

  14. Rob

    3 Year contract ended June 2, 2012. I transferred to another carrier on May 23rd, 2012 just to be sure that my number did not get lost before getting ported. Rogers still tagged me with a $100 early cancellation fee for the phone service AND $25 for the data plan with only 9 days to go!!!

    This after years of problems – my favorite being when they disabled my Android HTC phone FROM ROGERS because of some security issue they found. It took over 2 months to get the phone working again and countless calls. They even tried to charge me $25 to fix the phone they disabled!

    I will never go back and will endlessly trash them to anyone who mentions looking for a provider for the rest of my days.

  15. I will never, ever use Rogers again. It is far and away the worst company I have ever dealt with. I’ve spent far too much time dealing with their mistakes through endless (and terrible) experiences with customer service. This is despite the fact I used to pay over $200 a month with all my services bundled with them. Never again.

    I would recommend calling cancellations, this is the only time they act reasonably. I’ve done the math, and subscribers are worth thousands of dollars to them (much more than your termination fee), so they will actually do something to prevent you from cancelling – but only if you’re serious.

  16. RS

    I don’t understand how such a dishonest, deceptive, unethical, corrupt, unprincipled, selfish, company like rogers can still be in business! When ALL the employees I have ever spoken to…or should I say been belittled and put on hold by are disrespectful, impatient, unhelpful, rude, insulting, short tempered, bad mannered, untrained and !00% open that they don’t give a damn about helping anyone! After 7 years of getting my money I deserve more than an online chat that NEVER GETS ME ANYWHERE!!!!! Why can’t I just talk to a half descent person on the phone. It’s so frustrating! Aren’t we paying Rogers every month to make our lives better, easier more organized? All I feel when I get off the phone or help chat whatever is defeat, anger, stress, and cheated out of my money! I’m OUT when my contract is up!

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