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Rogers Sucks

For the longest time in Canada, there were only two major providers for wireless services – Rogers and Bell.  Until only recently, smaller wireless service providers, such as Wind Mobile, Public Mobile and Mobilicity were not available, and there was an oligopoly of outrageous wireless bills but nothing we could do about it.

Like most people, I have a 3-year contract with Rogers to get a better deal on a plan.  My contract is up in a few months, and after my last experience with customer service, you can bet your last loonie that I will be forking my money over to someone else.

Here’s why.

Last week, I get an e-mail notification from Rogers informing me my bill is due, and the amount in which it was due.  Since it was over my usual amount, I wanted to see what charges I got dinged for (this time).

I log into “myRogers” account, and (poof!) there is no information on my profile.  Usually, I see a little picture of my (dumb)phone, and pretty bar charts of how many daytime minutes/text messages I have left.  This time, there was nothing – nada.

However, there was a nice message at the side, informing me that I have not signed up for a “myRogers” account, or my profile was been deleted and I was to call Customer care at 1-888-blahblah, e-mail them at blahblah@rogers.com.

And hence, my journey through customer service hell begins. 

1. Called Customer Care at 1-888-blahblah

This number takes me to an automated machine which tells me that I should call 1-800-Rogers1, if I want to speak to a representative regarding my bill.  Or I can chat with a representative at http://www.rogershelp.com/chat.

Customer service chat?  No thanks.

2. Called 1-800-Rogers1

After being put on hold for 5 minutes, I reiterate my story of losing my profile information.  I want to know why my information is gone and where it is.

The representative I speak to says they can’t help me because it’s an “internet” problem.  They tell me to call the 1-888-blahblah, their customer service line for “internet” stuff.  I inform them that I called that number and it told me to call this number.

The representative says they can’t help me and suggested I live-chat (ummm, is there any other way to chat?!) using their live chat customer service.  They give me the link for live chat.

3. Chat with “Tony”

“Tony” has a bunch of pre-written text that he just seemed to copy and paste.

And the best part?  Tony can’t help me, because I need to live-chat with a representative who deals with the “internet” stuff – he just deals with the wireless stuff.  He sends me to another link for live-chatting.

Great.  See below for a screen shot of our chat.  It’s a whole lot of BS and waste of my time.

4.  Write an email to blahblah@rogers.com

While I was in queue for live chatting with the representative who does the “internet” stuff, I write an email to Rogers asking about my profile and why it was deleted, where it went, and how I can get it back.

I got this response.

Of course.  Go live chat with the call centre from a third world country, because Rogers couldn’t care less.

5.  Live chat with “Tracy N.”

Finally, after waiting in queue after 3 people (and sending off my e-mail), I get to live chat to Tracy.

Turns out that is was glitch.  She suggested I try another browser (I was using IE), and it worked.

Eureka.  After going through 5 people, I finally get my answer.


Rogers, you suckered me for 3 wholes years.  No more.  After my contract is up, you’re not seeing this girl again!  And I am never recommending this service, EVER.

From my knowledge, it should take no more than TWO transfers to get the user to the right representative.  This is a huge fail for Rogers.  Despite it being a “tiny” problem that was easily fixed.

Does anyone have recommendations for other wireless carriers out there?  I’m esspecially interested in the smaller carriers.  Please share in the comments 🙂  Thanks!



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