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Link Love

Some of my favourite posts  🙂


  • MoneyRabbit talks about how 381 square feet helped her re-evaluate her decision on a condominium investment and her relationship with her now ex.  (You go, girl!)
  • Laura’s story brough tears to my eyes of her struggles and how much she loved her son.
  • How Women and Men see Colours shared by Geek in Heels.
  • I’m the Girl… by Girl and City.  I’m also the girl who devoured books like candy when I was in elementary school – it’s probably why I wear glasses and have no cavities 😉

Personal Finance

  • SingleMomRichMom talks about her journey and how she was able to get to where she is today.  What a story, check her out!
  • Frugal Dad shared 25 Things his Grandparents Lived Without (and we probably could, too!).  I really agree with tanning beds and GPS.  Even though I am horrible with directions, a map is really all I need!  He also brings up a good point about student loans.



  • These Italian Cruise outfits are making me drool.  I am going to try to recreate as many of these outfits as I can with my own wardrobe!
  • This Milly Piped Trench is to die for!  I think the Milly one is way nicer than the LookforLess.
  • Katie Holmes looked gorgeous in this polka dot dress with jean jacket and red pumps.  I’m stealing this look, also.  As soon as I get my grubby hands on those three items 🙂
  • Wendy shares the work behind her awesome 25 ways to wear a scarf video.  I’m loving her blog and her lovely pictures!  There is actually only 24 ways (repeat of infinity knot), but it’s an amazing video.
  • Natural Look Lesson by Suzie Wuzie.  She takes us through step by step of the products that she learned at a make-up class to look natural.




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