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Link Love

I’ve been bad at posting links, but I wanted to share some of my favourite posts this week 🙂


Personal Finance

  • Personal Finance is Personal
    Amber at Blonde and Balanced talks about how she plans to let her fiance take care of the nitty gritty budgetting stuff.


  • Minimalism Quotes
    Becoming Minimalist has some great quotes about minimalism spanning several centuries.  One of my favourites,  “It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.”
  • Simplify Your Life Series
    The Everyday Minimalist has a great series on how to simplify your life, from your wardobe to office to home.


  • Thrift Shopping Tips
    The Little Dust Princess shares some great tips for thrift shopping.
  • Funny April Fool’s peculiar blogger
    Extra Petite and her boyfriend are too cute and funny.
  • Life Lessons from the shortest kid in class Alterations Needed shares some lessons from being the shortest kid in class.  Reminds me of my childhood.  Sitting in the front row (always!) for class pictures.  Standing the front row for choir.
  • Striped dress
    I love stripes, and love how chic this short dress looks.



  • Emails that are too long
    Zen Habits says that if we can’t say what we need to in five sentences or less, the message is too long and not clear.


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