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April Budget and Goal Recap

I’m going to try posting my budget and set new goals at the beginning of every month and see how I do at the end of the month.


This month won’t be under $1,000 and it won’t be a frugal month.  Though, it will be fabulous 😉  I’ve got volleyball fee’s, possibly a weekend trip with BF, a new hair cut and my first (in 3 years) facial .  Did I also mention it’s also my birthday this month? So, I get to indulge a little.

March Goals Recap

  • Send in my taxes (I’m done my taxes, just waiting for my forms to come in) – Check! (Return $1,676:D)
  • Complete my reference forms for professional designation. – Fail
  • Incorporate more legumes in my diet. – Check! (Made lentils)
  • Cook quinoa. – Check!
  • Exercise 2 times a week in addition to volleyball. – Fail (I have been walking a lot more, though…)

I kept thinking that I failed majorly in my goals, since I hadn’t written my reference letter for my professional designation.  I’m glad I actually checked what my goals were, because I was able to check some off and that felt really good.  Note to self – must focus on the whole picture, not just my failures 🙂

I’m so glad that April is FINALLY here.  (I know I said the same thing last month about March).  It’s just that in April, I finally allow myself to be hopeful that winter is finally gone.  No more taunting us with a warm day, then a snow storm the next.  (I’m looking at you, March!)

Even though I said that I was looking forward to biking to work, the lack of a car has really taken a toll on me.  It’s tough getting to and from volleyball (I always have to plan in advance), and getting to visit my parents is brutal (2hours each way vs 40 minute drive).

April Goals

  • Eat fruits daily
  • Complete my reference forms for professional designation
  • Start studying for GMAT
  • Write a letter to HR to promote car sharing

How is your budget and goal(s) looking for April?  And are you looking forward to spring as much as me?



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